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  1. Any roster updates guys? Is it true that 2ogre is teaming up with Ninja, or its just speculation?
  2. A few things looking from the outside. 1. The only ones capable of beating CLG are CLG themselves if they implode. 2. EG did the right thing by dropping Commonly for Suspector if their aim is for 2nd, no way will they ever beat CLG. 3. RNG should drop Ninja, he is the most overrated PRO in the circuit. Remember all the drama about Liquid dropping him? They ended up better without him. Dude just doesn't belong in a top 4 team. Whenever RNG were expected to win, they choked and that was because he goes negative in 9 out of every 10 games. I feel bad for Spartan which unlike Ninja, clearly improved during the season and as someone already mentioned, he adapted his playstyle to them teams. 4. ALG is done, and they were lucky to be in the weak side of the bracket. Smart play by Suspector, by leaving for EG. Naded should be able to find a spot in a top-4 squad. elTown and Cratos will probably end up together with a low seeded team like Elevate. 5. If Snipedown really wants to backup all the shit he talked about Lxthul, he should leaven EG, and form his own fucking squad. He's afraid.
  3. Chosen Squad had no chance. They're missing their best player who had Visa problems. Even though, they would have still gotten raped though.
  4. Yeah i came here to post that the site says that the 3 Day Pass is $35. I'm shocked it's that low.
  5. Denial proved they're miles ahead of Renegades. Bubu Dubu was really good throughout the tourney. Had so much fun watching this tourney. Can't wait for Worlds.
  6. It sucks EG and CLG will have to play each other before the final.
  7. Goldenboy is great. Why the hate all of a sudden? I don't get it.
  8. I don't get why Ninja get's a pass every time. Went -9 first 2 games, and i wouldn't doubt he went -9 again in game 3. Renegades is improving, but he's not. I agree that they do need a better coach.
  9. Why the hell is Ninja still getting picked up? I mean, he's way way way better than me, but he's always the weakest link for a top team
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