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  1. Haven't posted in a while, but Esports Engine news got me hype. We back?
  2. For me is the fact that you are no longer empowered to move and platform independently from where you are looking + the fact that you can't shoot. You spend so much time pushing forward with your gun down, when in previous games, you'd be scanning/engaging your entire surroundings.
  3. I'll actually have to get back to you on that. Im not 100% happy with my current settings. But I do like that my reticle goes exactly where I expect it to... Much diagonal wonkiness. The shitty magnum is a little less shitty now that I can reliably land shots. It's really jarring going From H2/H2A to H3 in the social Playlist though. It always feels like jumping into molasses.
  4. Tbh modern aiming almost makes me like Halo 3. Almost.
  5. You don't think it's "that impressive" that he made a top 16 team in a matter of months?
  6. Wierd flex but ok. MLG H3 is simply more action packed. Truth CTF was fun to watch, but the first match I tuned into was Heretic CTF. Truth is incredibly slow in comparison. That pretty much remains true across the entire specrum. I guess the time that would otherwise be spent stuck in boring sprint and clamber animations is instead spent shooting people.
  7. I ain't posted in a while, but I enjoyed the tournament. Also, CE tournament stole the show. I always knew sick that game is competitively, but the streams I've seen never really did it justice with the POVs and overlays. For some reason this just clicked. I just skimmed through the H3 tourney, but from what I saw there were some great matches on Saturday and Sunday. This was my first time watching H3 live. I still think the game sucks compared to CE and 2, but it was much more fun to watch than anything we got recently - the this coming from a guy who enjoyed watching H5 moreso than playing it.
  8. Iirc, the dev team was split on Sprint being included. The final decision came down to a belief that the modern shooter audience feels alienated without it. My hope is that they now realize that there is no such basic expectation and that they should do what's best for their own gameplay loop. Wishful thinking, I know. But we were apparently close with H5, and the constant rejection of maps and the constant need to tweak weapons and abilities SHOULD have proven that sprint harms far more than it helps.
  9. Hmm so I've lost the ability to intentionally neg someone, but claim it was an accident.... I'm not sure how I feel about this
  10. Halo 4s commendations were dumb as hell. Encouraging people to ignore the objective or abuse exploits so they can mindlessly farm commendations for XP is an idea that needs to die in a fire. If Halo 4 didn't make that clear, hopefully Achilles paints a better picture. Also, How does it make sense for someone who dislikes power weapons to prefer that everyone can spawn in power weapons? that just increases the likelihood you won't be able to contest at any given instance because you have no clue what weapons are on the field.
  11. For a game to review well, it just has to keep the reviewers attention for a week. H4 beautified the Halo engine (not the artwork though), had good controls, and a ton of MP content out of the box, and modernized the formula (shamelessly ripped off COD). Without looking at it through the prison of "core Halo", to a reviewer, it might have looked like something that would stand the test of time. Halo 4 sold well, because the Halo brand still carried a lot of weight at the time and people were anxious to give the new approach a shot. It also benefited from positive reviews. It was pure enertia. It was the last halo game to benefit from somewhat positive momentum, and effectively reversed course once it got in the wild. It came out the gates hot with a lot of sales. but the MP was dropped like a bag of rocks. So I don't know if popular is the best way to describe it. A lot of people bought the game, but not many people enjoyed it enough to keep playing after the first week.
  12. Its not an "either, or" equation. There is nothing stopping MLG from running tournaments. We aren't "stuck" with UGC, but they stepped up to the plate.
  13. You aren't the only one. I do think this would be a better approach than an open world and would be a fitting way to advance the "open feeling" CE & 3 provided at times.
  14. Halo 5 seems like it was supposed to use a hub concept. Iirc the early rumors and concept art suggested Locke's ship would be the main hub, and you'd fly to different planets searching for clues about Chief. Those zero-action missions would have been your ground level hubs, from which you launch into structured missions - potentially flash back missions as Chief. Definately more ODST or Mass Effect than "open world"
  15. Its not that people haven't imagined that - its that it doesn't sound any more engaging than having structured missions that see you doing those same things. ODST isn't really an open world, is a hub world - the main map just provides a route to structured missions. That kind of design would be preferable. What makes or breaks a truly open world is how engaging the experience is between missions. Is it fun to traverse, get into combat, interact with npcs, do side missions etc those are the areas that I can't see a being a strong suit in an open world halo.
  16. I'm struggling to imagine how a fully open world halo would work. You're on a ring world that is mostly inhabited by wildlife? Sure there's plenty to explore, but who are you going to interact with? Where would the side quests come from? How do you make the space in between missions consistently engaging? What would make much more sense to me is an ODST-style hub world. Or even a Mass Effect styled one- where you fast travel to different hubs, but actual missions primarily occur in campaign spaces, some of which are pretty open for exploration.
  17. I think he was more suggesting that the Macworld halo trailer was an inspirations for the Halo Infinite trailer. He went on to talk about how CE did a great job creating the illusion that you were marooned on a giant open world - even if you were playing in a confined space. I think (hope) that's the feel they are going for with infinite.
  18. Yeah. But you aren't accounting for the amount of pain and suffering you endure playing Halo 4 for a matter of days. Then he went and suffered that torment twice. That's at least a few weeks of promethean vision and Boltshots. Weeks of Saws falling out of the sky. Weeks of light shields. Don't forget, he accomplished this despite the most rapidly shrinking matchmaking pool in franchise history. Imagine the quality of those matches. I mean just look at this graph of half of all players losing their fan cards in a single week. Not Drgoodballer though, he stuck it out. If that's not dedication to the franchise , I don't know what is. I tapped out after like 3 hours. I have no choice but to accept him as the gate Keeper of Halo Fandom. I suggest you all do the same. It's the only way.
  19. If TB is "literally what they are looking to support" then why didn't they reach out to TB? I think it would be nice if they applied and got in, but you can't blame them for choosing not to bother. .
  20. It really wouldn't matter what 95% of the servers are If they design the system using logistical modern social media/networking standards. People subscribe to what they like, get recommendations based on other people liking similar things. Content creators maintain their audience by interacting with them and appealing to their desires . In this case it would mean keeping their playlists up to date with good content. You also have logical protections against spam- 24hr servers would be premium. Servers would need a min # of subs to be featured. Disliked servers won't show in your feed, etc The main purpose of the system would be for allowing people to build sub-communities, in-game, around the types of games they like to play - this should be the goal of "social" in any game where UGC is a core element. The biggest letdown with forge has always been how little incentive there is to actually get good and create good content because chances are, no one will ever know it exists. This is why the in-game social networking HAS to be more powerful. As far as competitive is concerned - I like to dream that the ranked matchmaking Playlist would do a service to the community. But I also, think a competitive custom servers would be popular enough among competitive minded players. It would be a great way to test UGC maps and proposed settings for competition. Yes it's a niche. But it's a big enough niche that we shouldn't have to have the ranked Playlist hyjacked in order to collect data.
  21. In a world where minecraft and roblox exist how can we argue that any game that relies on community creations will Only feature shittiness? Would there be a lot of shit servers? Absolul. But players would subscribe to the servers they trust. The developer is incapable of being responsive enough to curate a Playlist that meets the ever changing demands of the community, that should be clear after nearly 1.5 decades with online halo. The Halo community has some really good Forgers and personalities and sub communities, What would actually happen is that popular and established content creators and sites would create/promote the most popular and well curated servers. The dev would still have official servers front and center . We just wouldn't have to rely on them to get popular community, gametypes, settings and maps into matchmaking. More importantly, they could observe what is actually working well in custom servers, and quickly update official servers accordingly. It would dramatically improve 343s curation process look at how they historically manage Playlists. We still don't have magnum start BTB despite it being heavily requested on EVERY halo forum. Action Sack has had garbage since it's inception, despite the emergence of some actual good minigames. Evolved and No Sprint settings never got a shake. The list goes on. These items would be addressed by the community on day one. Can everyone in the general population be trusted? Hell Nah. But i'd sub to a Team Beyond curated server in a heart beat. Same with Multilockon server. Or a magnum BTB server. Or an Evolved server. And if a pro player or steamer recommended a particular server or joined one on stream , I'd check it out. PS: the big issue with Far Cry 5 Arcade is that the randomized system they used to force people to try other people's content actively prevents the community from coalescing around quality content. I can't just jump into a "Bestmapguys" server and start matchmaking with his handpicked selections. Instead I get randomly thrust into shit little Tommy made as a joke. PS: yes time survived is a better scoring system for infection. In forge, Is there currently a way to calculate that for each individual?
  22. I've gotta say, I too thought it was weird, but not surprising for TB left out of the originating cast. This place has certainly proven capable of fairing well w/o any sort of official support. It sure would be cool to see some them throw some weight behind the long running, most active competitive halo community. Oh well, maybe one day they'll open up.
  23. See I actually think that sentiment is one of the flaws of Halo from a social standpoint, and with matchmaking in general. Matchmaking is about bringing like minded people together. Period. Those people MAY want to compete and win, it's important to have a system in place that allows for that. But they may also just want a goofy gametypes, or a passive gametype, or a cooperative gametype, and currently there is no solution for that. There's no reason that a matchmaking system can't be used to bring people together who just want to socialize. When you look at creative a phenomenon like Roblox, a community member can make a gametype that is about winning, and players can matchmake into it. Another community member can make a gametype that just about goofing off, and players can still matchmake into it. Players don't have to create a custom lobby, and hope like minded people stumble into it. And they don't have to wait for the developer to curate a Playlist and hope that they are proactive about putting community favorite maps and settings into it. Honestly, I think the entire dev-controlled social Playlist idea needs to go the way of the dodo. Players should be able rent/host a server- load it with the maps and gametypes they enjoy and anyone who joins that server should be in a matchmaking pool that features the hosts selections. The community would decide how Infection is designed and played. If the scoring based version ends up with the most populated servers, so be it. If three more classic version is more popular, so be it. But the developer need to get out of the way.

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