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  1. The skill floor is high as fuck- you’ve got to overcome a shitty aiming system, basic locomotion requires too many button presses and two many meters to monitor. the skill ceiling is also low as fuck.
  2. You’re completely whiffing on what people are mad about. people don’t want to HAVE to do dumbass challenges to unlock things. People are mad because at launch, playing the game normally won’t work towards unlocking things, you’ll have to do dumbass chores like “get five needler kills”. the complaint isnt “not enough skinner box” it’s “you’ve designed your skinner box to actively make the gameplay worse because my teammates will be running around doing stupid shit”
  3. The thing is, it’s not a either or equation. they can have a game where gameplay is key AND preys on addiction, rather than a game that is generally less fun because it disincentivizes playing the game for everyone except those with addictive response to being time-farmed. we already see the negative sentiments to the battle pass system- we see players detailing the exact impact it will have on their engagement- they’ll log-in, do their stupid challenges, then log out. That is, if they aren’t totally turned off by the rampancy of teammates logging in to do chores rather than play the game the way it was designed in the first place. the smart-money thing to do, would be to make the intended gameplay be the time-farm. Rather than reward XP to a player for getting 5 needler kills, reward them for every flag cap they assist. Reward them for getting a killing frenzy. Reward them for getting a reversal. Reward them for defending a stronghold. Reward them for winning a match. Reward them even more when theses actions are in line with a specific challenge or even they Have a boost active. I’m not saying that developers need to figure out some new groundbreaking gameplay loop. I’m saying the customers who do show up are already interested in the gameplay design- reward them for doing the things they would do naturally- so that they have no incentives to stop doing those things. The whales are gonna whale regardless.
  4. Yeah, There are hardly any true casual Halo fans left. there’s hardcore 343 worshipers who admire the very things that pushed casual Halo fans away and there are competitive minded players who hold out hope that 343 will throw us a bone. the thing about the competitive minded players though, generally, we want the very same things that would make the game approachable to actual casual players- a game that has real mechanical depth rather than superfluous mechanical complexity. Real causal players don’t want to have a discussion about magnetism. They just want to have fun with the guns at their disposal. 343 can’t figure out how to make guns fun for casuals use without aim-assists, so they resort to taking out all of the mechanical depth. Predictably, the outcome is a game that’s too sweaty for new comers and too shallow for competitive players.
  5. Who said having forge would put halo on top again? not having forge is going to work against halo. Causals and Competitive players a like rely on forge, directly or indirectly. it takes some serious revisionist history to believe forge is inconsequential to the success of halo games. You think H3 would have remained top dog for 3 consecutive years, despite COD being annualized, if it wasn’t for Forge keeping custom games fresh?
  6. Did you forget that forge was an objective improvement on the control given to users?
  7. I wouldn’t even say fueled by greed. Greed would encourage them to use a system that actually brings joy to players, so that more people stick with the game and spend money, rather than just the dopamine addicted whales. this is is fueled by pure ignorance as to how their incentives negatively influence player behavior. Watching this happen now - after Achilles made Warzone unplayable - is dumbfounding. Especially since they’ve invested so much into on-boarding new players so that they can know the “proper” way to play Halo-> they go and couple all these bots, and spawn announcements, and training ground with a system that says “fuck all that try to get as many needler kills as you can”.
  8. Imagine being a competitive player and not seeing the value of forge. like, imagine Halo3 MLG, but relying on Bungie’s vanilla settings… imagine trusting 343 to have good competitive maps and settings when the task is left exclusively to their own volition. Crazy talk
  9. Nah, this is a terrible analogy. CRTs gave way to… more efficient monitors- as demanded by the market for monitors. The demand for CRTs is vastly outstripped by what’s available for mass consumption today. CRTs are expensive because they are niche, not because they are in high demand. As long as there is a market for electronic devices that can depict moving images, manufactures will ship devices that can depict moving images- even if the available tech improves and changes over time. you’re conflating technological advancement with the eradication of a consumption method. The fact that some consoles ship w/o drives is an indication that there is a market full of consumers who don’t demand having their licenses on a disc. This doesn’t mean disc drives are going extinct. It doesn’t mean ownership is going way. It just means people have started to download their license rather than carry them on a disc. DVRs have been around since 99’ and we still have DVDs… because there’s still demand for physical movies. Also people buy digital licenses to movies. as it relates to games, Streaming services aren’t really displacing ownership. The vast majority of gamers are buying games digitally or physically. Either way, they are buying them.
  10. The more likely scenario is that people owning and renting things will both be commonplace… just like it is now. like, streaming services existing hasn’t meant that ownership has become impossible. We can still buy physical books, music, movies etc. streaming games isn’t going to make the demand for physical games go away, therefore the market won’t go either.
  11. I just got caught up on like 17 pages and I gotta say, I expected a lot more toxicity following the Forge and Co-op delay news. I’m disappointed in you all. What the fuck was 343 planning to ship last year prior to the campaign demo backlash? There’s no way the game was simply “lacking polish” if they were still 2 years away from being able to ship Forge. Holy shit. 6 months of not being able to edit maps. RIP social. RIP customs. Competitive settings? LoL. Then there are the rumors that Campaign needed to be reigned in by Staten in order to be shipped in a quality state. Surely they didn’t blow 5 years trying to make Halo: BOtW when they could been making Halo: Designed like the good Halo games - a format that’s been compatible with co-op for since inception, without issue. Why does this company make everything so much harder than it has to be. Every. Single. Time.
  12. Yeah I'd ve cool with all of that. The game should be as modular as possible... with some Halo-ass Halo at its core. Imagine if back in 2010, Microsoft and 343 had doubled down on Halo's UGC suite, empowering creatives to make the games they want to make using core Halo as a base template. Minecraft and Roblox are our lunch while we were ogling COD.
  13. Yeah. I think the gloves should be off when it comes to social. Assassination could give you a radar that tracks walking. Or someone could make a "predator" gametype where an assassination give you invisibility. Or assassinations could give you extra points towards victory. Like, I'm cool with the idea that their can be rewards for assassinations. I'd trust the community to come up with fun ways to implement it... outside of standard play.
  14. I could see some cool social games built around the idea that assassinations come with perks. I could see it being pretty bad for standard play though. I guess it would depend on how overboard 343 goes. When I see people in other forums saying "give temporary invincibility, that'll solve the issue of people turning assassinations off" I lose hope.
  15. I'm slightly afraid that 343 will add some sort of reward for assassinations that will act as a tactical incentive to keep them turned on... and it will be completely broken.
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