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  1. I'm not completely opposed to power ups in inventory. So long as the activation takes long enough that being able to use it mid-fight without dying first means you broke someone's ankles. I don't really buy the idea that people are going to be surprised by OS in someone's back pocket. It appears that the equipment stands out more than second weapon slots do. You'll adjust how you approach people when you see they have an OS, just like you do when you see they have rockets or shotgun. I also think the vast majority of OS will be contested and used almost immediately after they spawn. I am concerned about how they'll handle spawn timers.i think the best scenario would be that if equipment isn't deployed by the time the next one spawns, it's lost. Maybe their should be some decay while they are in inventory. I also think they shouldn't get rid of the old power ups. I see no reason why OS equipment, and the standard OS that activates instantly can't both be in the game and the decision to place either on the map made with consideration of the needs of the map and the audience
  2. Haven't posted in a while, but Esports Engine news got me hype. We back?
  3. For me is the fact that you are no longer empowered to move and platform independently from where you are looking + the fact that you can't shoot. You spend so much time pushing forward with your gun down, when in previous games, you'd be scanning/engaging your entire surroundings.
  4. I'll actually have to get back to you on that. Im not 100% happy with my current settings. But I do like that my reticle goes exactly where I expect it to... Much diagonal wonkiness. The shitty magnum is a little less shitty now that I can reliably land shots. It's really jarring going From H2/H2A to H3 in the social Playlist though. It always feels like jumping into molasses.
  5. Tbh modern aiming almost makes me like Halo 3. Almost.
  6. You don't think it's "that impressive" that he made a top 16 team in a matter of months?
  7. Wierd flex but ok. MLG H3 is simply more action packed. Truth CTF was fun to watch, but the first match I tuned into was Heretic CTF. Truth is incredibly slow in comparison. That pretty much remains true across the entire specrum. I guess the time that would otherwise be spent stuck in boring sprint and clamber animations is instead spent shooting people.
  8. I ain't posted in a while, but I enjoyed the tournament. Also, CE tournament stole the show. I always knew sick that game is competitively, but the streams I've seen never really did it justice with the POVs and overlays. For some reason this just clicked. I just skimmed through the H3 tourney, but from what I saw there were some great matches on Saturday and Sunday. This was my first time watching H3 live. I still think the game sucks compared to CE and 2, but it was much more fun to watch than anything we got recently - the this coming from a guy who enjoyed watching H5 moreso than playing it.
  9. Iirc, the dev team was split on Sprint being included. The final decision came down to a belief that the modern shooter audience feels alienated without it. My hope is that they now realize that there is no such basic expectation and that they should do what's best for their own gameplay loop. Wishful thinking, I know. But we were apparently close with H5, and the constant rejection of maps and the constant need to tweak weapons and abilities SHOULD have proven that sprint harms far more than it helps.
  10. Hmm so I've lost the ability to intentionally neg someone, but claim it was an accident.... I'm not sure how I feel about this
  11. Halo 4s commendations were dumb as hell. Encouraging people to ignore the objective or abuse exploits so they can mindlessly farm commendations for XP is an idea that needs to die in a fire. If Halo 4 didn't make that clear, hopefully Achilles paints a better picture. Also, How does it make sense for someone who dislikes power weapons to prefer that everyone can spawn in power weapons? that just increases the likelihood you won't be able to contest at any given instance because you have no clue what weapons are on the field.
  12. For a game to review well, it just has to keep the reviewers attention for a week. H4 beautified the Halo engine (not the artwork though), had good controls, and a ton of MP content out of the box, and modernized the formula (shamelessly ripped off COD). Without looking at it through the prison of "core Halo", to a reviewer, it might have looked like something that would stand the test of time. Halo 4 sold well, because the Halo brand still carried a lot of weight at the time and people were anxious to give the new approach a shot. It also benefited from positive reviews. It was pure enertia. It was the last halo game to benefit from somewhat positive momentum, and effectively reversed course once it got in the wild. It came out the gates hot with a lot of sales. but the MP was dropped like a bag of rocks. So I don't know if popular is the best way to describe it. A lot of people bought the game, but not many people enjoyed it enough to keep playing after the first week.
  13. Its not an "either, or" equation. There is nothing stopping MLG from running tournaments. We aren't "stuck" with UGC, but they stepped up to the plate.
  14. You aren't the only one. I do think this would be a better approach than an open world and would be a fitting way to advance the "open feeling" CE & 3 provided at times.
  15. Halo 5 seems like it was supposed to use a hub concept. Iirc the early rumors and concept art suggested Locke's ship would be the main hub, and you'd fly to different planets searching for clues about Chief. Those zero-action missions would have been your ground level hubs, from which you launch into structured missions - potentially flash back missions as Chief. Definately more ODST or Mass Effect than "open world"
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