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  1. To2 for G4G, Dallas, and future events. We have LAN and event experience dating back to 2009 (Dallas 09, Chicago combine, Columbus 10) Affording any expenses isn’t an issue and we both have very flexible schedules to put in time and practice. Post here or hit me up online. GT: Slovak
  2. Great game, you won't regret it. It's twice as fun with a group of friends.
  3. Gonna be on most of today to game since I've got work off tonight.
  4. Thanks, much appreciated fellas.
  5. In general I'm looking to find more players I can play with on a consistent basis in playlist, 8s, or what ever. If you're a serious Halo player and would like to start a team just keep in mind I'm only willing to fully commit to something like that if there's legitimate potential. I have a job and work just about every day so I'd like to play Halo competitively just for the love of the game but when I say fully commit, to me that means dedicating every single second of downtime into the game focusing on improving. If you've got similar interests or just want somebody to game with in the playlist feel free to message and add me on Xbox. Gamertag - Slovak
  6. Hello everybody, I don't post very often on this site and this is my first post in this thread in general. I've played RS off and on since 2004. I've been playing on an account for the last year on these new settings they've implemented. Due to the craving for the nostalgic feel and the fact that old RS is just simply better in my biased opinion, I'd like to switch but don't know how and I'd also like to know if there are going to be any types of repercussions for switching? Will I lose any items or anything?
  7. To keep it short, I'm 1900+ onyx in arena and slayer. I'm a very aggressive player who can fill any role. I'm skilled, knowledgable, and I communicate well. I'm already one of the most dedicated players you'll find, given a team I'll become THE most dedicated player. I do have a nightshift job working 5 nights a week but my hours are super flexible. Again, to keep it short, everything I listed above is what I expect from everybody. I won't check this thread that often so please feel free to message and/or add me on xbox to run games sooner. GT: Slovak
  8. I'm a F/A for season 2. Looking to run with people who are mature and don't rage, communicate as well as listen, and who are dedicated with a great knowledge and understanding of the game. I'll check into this thread every now and then for people who respond via post but the best way to get a hold of me to run is message/add me on xbox. GT: Swisher Slovak
  9. -I'd be up for testing oddball in place of assault. -Definitely agree with most on the no radar and no automatic starts all though some should still be available for use. -I'd be more than thrilled to have a vetoe system similar to h3. -I could see there being no sprint with increased movement speed which will also remove the spartan charge. -I would also like to see more community made maps being tested whether they're remakes or something made from their own creativity, sorry but the maps 343 keep providing us are hot butt butter.
  10. Firsts things first I'm an onyx in damn near every playlist. I don't care what you're ranked, I'll run with just about anybody. I've been gaming competitive Halo since 2007 and have competed at the Chicago combine and Columbus 10' for Halo 3. I'm very dedicated and have more time on my hands than most people do. I have an overnight job and work Mondays-Thursdays and sometimes on Saturday. I'm usually on from 3 am to 3 pm central time. I have no intentions of finding a team to just disband it or go separate ways if things don't go well off the bat. It's a process and a grind for most people so don't expect it to come with ease. I'm looking for people who know the basics to competitive halo. Communication, team work, knowing the things to do in situational scenarios, timing power weapons and power ups. I'm somebody who analyzes every game to every small detail whether it be a win or loss so that means film watching and constructive criticism must be something every one does and can handle. I don't want somebody getting butt hurt because they're told they did something wrong, everybody makes a bad decision here or there and if you can't point it out and realize it, you simply won't improve. With the rant coming to an end feel free to post or just message me on live to game. GT: Swisher Slovak
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