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  1. alright we need a shake up. best pizza chain? my vote is for dominos
  2. eden slayer is so dumb. the sniper has sight lines for pretty much the whole map
  3. the aiming definitely feels smoother, but the hit registration feels worse
  4. the good thing about pro league is that there is like 30 seconds between each game. For events it's like 10 mins.
  5. this game 3 coli flag is crazy between brownies and oxygen supremacy
  6. i love the onset-ghost duo. actually i just love onset. i also love ghost. thanks for listening
  7. really random, but guardian's "gay jump" is one of the best call outs of all time.
  8. it is so frustrating playing the HCS playlist and the shot registration is delayed more often than not. other people have this problem too right? it's so fucking frustrating playing an fps where heavy aim and shot registration are issues.
  9. I've gotten reversaled many times today which is bad but that's good
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