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  1. I ordered my hoodie and shirt soon after people were received their delayed orders. Got it in two days! Quality is great and It's now my go to hoodie.
  2. Excited to see Ogre 2 competing with up and coming youngsters. It'll be interesting to see them develop, hopefully into a solid squad.
  3. With players on pro teams away at the summit, this is the perfect time for those that can play to get together and create drafted teams for the beyond 4v4. Each established pro team picks a captain. That player can't draft more than 1 from their established team, but can pick as many as they want from other teams. Would be fun to see what teams could get together. Guess it might be tough with lake of complete rosters at the moment..
  4. Are there any rebroadcasts from the EG w/ naded/penguin scrims? on either side.
  5. Is there any website right now that has or will have the stats from every game this weekend?
  6. I know there's some money, gear, and competitive team practice on the line, but for the next TeamBeyond 4v4 Tournament the pro teams should split up, choose captains and draft players from other teams. I think that would make for some interesting matchups/series? Not sure if someones already mentioned this. Thoughts?
  7. I remember on stream a while back ace mentioned he was amazing at this game before the incident at the first h5 event they went to. Not sure if hes played since then but it would be nice to see him back. Guy was a beast back in the day.
  8. Been lurking here since page 1 of this thread. Figured now was as good a time as any to create an account and join the hype! Here's to no traffic so I don't miss game 1! P.S. Meme game is on point here.
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