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  1. would love to see TSM come to halo as well, to get slapped ofc :puckett:
  2. shout out to that aussie caster as well (wra7h?). talked a bit much at times but overall I thought was pretty good and enjoyable to listen to.
  3. ignoring my deep love for CLG, I just don't see ALG of all teams taking 4 games off them in 1 series unless CLG comes out completely cold and loses the first 2 games of the series. the only real problem to CLG's slayer game is power weapon control mainly rockets or an over aggressive start strat where they get completely denied and give up full control. ALG would have to win all 3 slayers for even a shot.
  4. I'd love to see: TL/RNG semis CLG/EG semis CLG/TL finals
  5. great series! thought it would go 3-2 either way and this just makes everything a lot more interesting than it already is. CLG/EG QF would be ugh..
  6. looks like SnakeBite was pretty upset about something after the match, wonder what he was telling the ref.
  7. just realized there's gonna be 10 hours of Halo on 2 different streams today
  8. good morning world. been up since 430am and can't wait for a weekend of Halo. about to grab an egg white and turkey sausage bagel and play some RuneScape until the action begins!!
  9. my supplier is working on a flexible epoxy that we're testing in a shower for tomorrow. I haven't heard from them all day to confirm if they've gotten the right consistency. the 1 hour count-down to see if I work tomorrow starts now!
  10. csgo team being 2nd from the bottom in 1 leauge doesn't mean very much lol
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