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  1. Ninja is going off on 343 for halo worlds on his stream, says only 8 people could watch the side station
  2. Honestly im not sure why im surprised. I feel like 343 just doesnt care about the audience , the fan base is crying for a change and they just refuse to see it . My roommates tried to watch season finals but they just laughed at an esport having radar . Its a joke that in 2016 i have to watch players crouch around corners instead of making actual plays. I understand radar may feel chaotic , but id much rather see action packed gameplay that can draw new viewers in . Watching players camp on eden slayer for a full game is not gonna attract anyone.
  3. I just dont understand how a last place team can think making 1 change is enough
  4. I'm actually curious now what riptide would play like with teleporters
  5. I feel bad for hecz, reddit found out about Str8sick dropping before he did
  6. If someone were to make a team off stats , moneyball style what would the team be?
  7. If ninja and victory got the c9 spot would Spartans team have to split up ?
  8. I can't wait for part 2 of roster mania when scrims don't go as well as planned and everyone goes shady
  9. i just tuned into the clg series , are they playing the new settings?
  10. Maybe 3 tiers? Fringe pro like challenger league Pro players top 8 Legends like ogre
  11. I think everyone just needs to chill and drink some brisk maté
  12. Apg doesnt have to apologize for anything. So many people would never do what he did. Hope you have a speedy recovery

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