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  1. Looking for teammates that want to participate in the Microsoft Store 4v4 tournament, Oct. 8th in San Francisco. Best way to contact me is to message my gamertag "Chromeo"
  2. this guy gets it edit: goodluck out there!
  3. Looking for potential teammates for events and online tournaments. I've attended past HCS events and even placed top 8 at Orange County. I'm looking for experience players who are trying to compete at the next level. If you wish to run games message me via xbox, my gamertag is "Chromeo". Few requirements: - Must be minimum ONYX in HCS playlist. - Able to scrim daily - Event experience
  4. I created this video as a tool of inspiration to anyone in need. Hope you enjoy and stay grinding!
  5. Looking for a t03 for Vegas. Serious offers only. GT- Chromeo
  6. Bump, still running games if interested and 100% going
  7. Were looking for a solid 4th for the Santa Ana LAN. Message gt Chromeo
  8. Name: Josh GT: Chromeo Games Played: Online? H2-H5 Area: San Diego Future Gaming Plans: Attend Oct 7th Santa Ana LAN
  9. Hey, I'm looking for a team or players that are 100% going to the Santa Ana LAN. I've been in the game for awhile and want to start getting serious about it and attending more LANs. I place high onxy/champ every season in Arena/Slayer if that matters. I'm from CA and will be attending the event regardless. I'm usually on at nights into the AM, please only message me if serious. GT: Chromeo Event: http://www.esportsarena.com/events/2016/October/HCS.html
  10. I'm interested in running games, my gamertag is Chromeo
  11. Hey I'm from CA and would be able to attend, my gamertag is Chromeo. I always play at nights
  12. BUMP, only two more solid players for today! Message my gamertag - Chromeo
  13. I'm putting together a solid team to compete for the 4v4 tournament tomorrow. I'm a solid player with plenty of experience so don't waste my time and I won't waste yours. If you are interested and will be available, then message me. MUST be 1700+ in team arena this season. GT : Chromeo
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