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  1. Where can I see current pro league standings including all series scores? Way point is never up to date.
  2. I know. All they did is fix the glitching powerups. OMG. Why talk all that shit about weapon, sandbox, map, and playlist balancing if you're not going to release it with the update. At least tell us what you are doing and when it will be out.
  3. I'm mid onyx in slayer, arena, and FFA. So definitely better than diamond players. Team shot and good movement and positioning Trump being out gunned by a weapon that has 0.4 faster kill time.
  4. Disagree. I have no problem outshouting BRs and Snipes.
  5. They are also trying to "balance" the placements so more people fill out all the ranks more evenly. That's why the last two seasons were a bit harder to place well.
  6. Wins do not matter in placement matches. Only personal performance. I don't know how else to say it.
  7. That is true, those games were terrible. I mean, if no radar did grow the scene and didn't mess with casuals, I'd be pumped. I just don't think the causals would capitulate.
  8. You're delusional if you think they're going to add 4sht pistol. I swear, you people think Team Beyond makes up the majority of Halo players. Think about all the 80%+ of people below onyx who would get shit on. Think about how extensive the rebalancing would have to be if the base weapon changed so drastically.
  9. Wins don't matter AT ALL for placement matches. It's 100% kills/medals/deaths etc and based on the rank of who you pay. Once you place, it's 100% based on wins/loses. 343 detailed it in a post that I'm too lazy to look up.
  10. Competitive had always been different than vanilla, and look what that's done for the success of Halo. The amount of splintered settings in h4 and reach nearly killed Halo for good. People on this forum seem to have the hardest time looking at this from anyone elses perspective other than there own.
  11. What people like you don't realize is that making the game as pro friendly as possible alienates the vast majority of the community. I realize that you only want it changed for pro settings, but that means team arena would need to have different settings than other playlists. Halo is far too small of a community now to endure fragmenting the population like this. So having settings across all of arena is crucial for the survival of Halo. 343 was very careful to make a compromise between competitive and casual. So plebs and pros both made concessions but neither camp got exactly what they wanted. I'd say overall, competitive got it pretty sweet as H5 has a skill gap once again. Just try not to look everything about Halo so egocentrically, and know that there are bigger issues at play, including the survival of Halo itself.
  12. I agree. People need to get over the new movent and pace of the game. And stop insisting on remakes and bringing old weapons back. Do I really need a SPNKr and H5 rockets? Do we really need H2 BR? It just confuses everything.
  13. Elite controller increase accuracy with latest firmware update. Link below. https://majornelson.com/2016/03/23/system-updates-buy-xbox-360-games-on-xbox-one-16-person-party-chat-and-more/
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