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  1. GT= Gingy Stay Lit
  2. Been trying to search for this for some time can someone help me locate it. It was a twitter clip on this thread of shotzzy going into the ceiling on Plaza from snipe 3 and getting a kill.
  3. Ive played in both HCS events and have about 50 days played just on this account and I can truly say im going to miss the fuel rod in competitive play. It was one of the few projectile weapons in a sandbox full of hitscan weapons. The pros such as Snakebite complained about on truth not on big wide maps. It takes more skill to use than rockets on colesuem actually. I invested a lot of time into getting good with that weapon. It works fine on a big map like eden. It is a very awarding feeling to one hit someone across map with it. Why cant we have it on a Eden Slayer or Stasis flag. Hope they bring back fuel rod on one map at least. We have 14 gametypes
  4. Am i the only one who is gonna miss the fuel rod? I miss bunny hopping even more
  5. I leave to vegas tommorow. definitly playing in the ffa and would like to find a decent pick up squad. 2500 in arena last season. Message me on xbl GLngerbre4d m4n
  6. Hey I was wondering do you have a smurf called optic snackbite? Also ive seen being a pro gamer a "real life goal". Only 300 prople have won more than 100k from gaming. Thats an elite group.
  7. im certain u can shoot w the pistol quicker aftet a mellee. I see a lo4 of pros practice it to when sitting still.
  8. Would anyone else kbow if yy after grenades or meelees allow you to shoot quicker
  9. Thanx, are you sure because i can shoot once my weapon is raised and the throwing animation is skipped so i thought it saves like a quarter sec. What about Yy after meelee letting u shoot quicker? I see a lot of pros meelee yy wen they r sitting still. I can see a visibly quicker meelee i know i cant shoot w my ar once I yy but with presicion weapons i can shoot immediately after the gun is raised. Im just trynna see what is the most technically profecient way to input commands.
  10. Thanks but can you shoot faster or throw more nades is what i was wondering.
  11. Is there any benefit to pressing yy after grenades. It does seem quicker and Mikwen does it. It seems like the animation is shorter but nobody seems to do it.
  12. Add me. Im down to play. GLNGERBRE4D m4n.2400 in arena and also a ffa champ.
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