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  1. Yeah I think I would rather run it with pistol starts because that's what you normally play
  2. Back in H2 and H3 I loved doing MLG FFAs also I loved halo 3 1v1s on guardian, not sure why but it was just fun I played so many 1v1s on guardian it would blow your mind. Anyways I really want to get better at H5 but honestly I'm in my 30's and I don't care to be champion level good or anything but I just want to really improve my gameplay. Anyways is it pointless for me to run 8player FFA customs? What map and settings would you run it on? guessing truth. I have a few real life friends I play with but its fairly random who i'm playing with because we are all older now with full time jobs and kids but I'm sure I could get enough people to run come FFAs but i'm not sure if I'm better off just grinding the FFA playlist or playing team arena or something solo. Also as far as the 1v1 thing I really wish there was a go to 1v1 map like guardian in H3, I know it wasn't the most balanced or the best map ever but it was fun and if you did a 1v1 with anyone in H3 whoever was hosting guardian was loaded up honestly in this game if I tried a 1v1 which I haven't even done yet and I'm over level 100 I don't know what map I would even play it on. So what map is the best 1v1 map?
  3. anyone in the thumb of Michigan?
  4. This is a bit off topic but not sure if I should have made a new thread but I really like watching kampy stream and some but in his stream named yoshi matches him a lot and I've seen a yoshi in here also are they the same? He seems amazing at halo.
  5. I'm I the only one annoyed by some of these halo pro not letting you watch past broadcasts unless you sub? You would think they would learn from h3 that they need as much content they can get out there. I have a friend just getting into halo and I wanted him to watch some of ninjas ffa games from yesterday and I see even he's doing it now. Also these guys not streaming scrims. I wasn't rooting for clg at all but now just because of this I really hope they win it all. If they are not going to stream and make you sub to watch their random stuff they should really be pumping out their YouTube content but that isn't happening either I really hope they change their mindset next season.
  6. So any team that loses the series today does that mean they don't make it to worlds? Or is this for who wins this tournament? What's the payout for this weekend?
  7. I got the benq monitor 1ms so just waiting for it to come in also I have a headset
  8. So playlist lower level Team Arena in like mid plat level would be better than high diamond or onyx in Slayer?
  9. Does anyone know anything more about optic quitting out of that scrim vs overdrive because someone shot one of optics body once? I don't follow competitive halo like most of you and haven't followed it serious since H3 but I turned on that scrim from one of the guys from overdrive and I clicked on it randomly and was hoping optic wound smoke them honestly, we'll after I saw optic quit and that guys stream that starts with a K post in this thread asking why and what not i'm seriously hoping overdrive does good now lol Am I the only one that thinks this?
  10. I've been playing Halo since H2 best rank I could get in H3 was 50 in Dubs and 49 in Slayer currently in H5 I'm onyx in Slayer because of getting lucky with randoms but i'm more likely high diamond. I'm diamond in pretty much every other playlist. Anyways I play either solo or with friends who are quite a bit worse than me. I do have a few friends who are high onyx and champ and they are willing to carry me but I want to get to their level and be able to carry diamond tier players I mean they go 25-3 and whatnot when we play slayer at diamond level when I ask them about getting to their level its always just LOL keep playing you'll get better. Well I've been playing for over 10 years I'm in my 30s lol I think with my age I'm getting worse I just ordered a monitor so when that comes in we'll see how playing on a 24 inch monitor is compared to a 70in TV. Anyways when I'm playing Solo what should I do to get better? My biggest problem is my shot is terrible, should I octagon with a friend? grind the heck out of FFA? any suggestions? Random question am I the only terrible player on this site? I love watching pros stream and I'm super pumped for this weekends events ps not trying to go pro or anything that's not why I'm asking I have a great job and a family at this point in my life but I would just like to be good
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