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  1. Just released on early access on steam, I couldn't resist, havnt played quake in ages.
  2. Got so fed up with h5 I built a gaming pc again (4 year hiatus) if anyone wants to play some pubg/csgo add me up steam ID is ironcastDOTA
  3. Imagine rocking upto your local Microsoft store, you sit down to play and plug in your Elite controller then to be told you can't use it and have to play on default settings also when you normally play on inverted (puke). This happened to one unlucky Redditor to be fair Microsoft have apologised and had some incompetent person in charge at late notice, bit I'd be fuming!
  4. The venue and crowd look amazing but is anyone else hugely unimpressed by the measly Twitch numbers? Shame because this is great viewing.
  5. I'll forgive rest of weekend if today goes well, stage looks amazing, crowds big, here's to a great evening of Halo (I'm UK).
  6. I don't think we're being pessimistic, the community is full of shills at the moment, the event was awful first day which may have or may not been out of there control. Viewing figures were tiny, we're holding on for dear life at the moment. Yeah team numbers were really good this event, amazing actually and it's an opportunity to grab attention of people at the event. It's too little too late, ESL don't even have any branding on mainstage, Optic ain't tweeting. The bubbles close to bursting.
  7. Hearing the crowd chanting in PGL fuck I need to join the pc master race.
  8. Good thing Spartan activated his trap card with that reset.
  9. Did I mention also that d2 has bloom.
  10. Halo doesn't deserve a quarter of this prize pool what a joke this scene has become.
  11. Ronin playing games, looks like Spartan was getting a grilling then also.
  12. Just a quick thought on D2, it's PvP on the outside changes are built for the competitive PvP scene but delve deeper and you realise they are built solely around casuals. You get rewarded the same for assists as you do kills, KD is gone and is replaced by efficency which makes bad players feel like gods. They just all run around holding hands and think they've magically got better at Destiny when reality there all just running around together with a radar that doesn't show individuals it shows 1 group as 1 entity.
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