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  1. I’m stuck away for work just an hour and a half north of Seattle, and looks like I won’t be back home in Seattle until Championship Sunday if I make it back in time at all. I hope all those attending have a killer time though. I work just a few blocks from the stadium, so I’m super familiar with everything in the area. Just shoot me a PM if you need any recommendations on where to park, eat, drink, etc. Crossing my fingers that I’ll be joining all of you on Sunday!
  2. I’m absolutely stoked for Century Link. I live in Seattle and work less than a mile from the venue. If anyone is looking for recommendations for places to go to drink/eat/sightsee, just hit me up! Work permitting, I’m planning on going myself, would love to meet up with some people if I do
  3. https://www.buzzfeed.com/tamerragriffin/fyre-festival-shitshow?utm_term=.jr0QkeGxq#.gdDGpv35J Fyre for HWC 2018 organizer?
  4. How is it? The releases tracks have all been pretty meh so far with the exception of The Apprentice. Anyone else excited for Royal Blood and QOTSA coming up?
  5. Shout out to the guy I saw in West Seattle waiting for the bus this morning and wearing an HCS jacket. I hope your rent is good
  6. Accidental neg I'll get you back somewhere
  7. OT and late, but the new Pokémon designs are garbage. Most people attribute that to the fact that there's so many Pokémon and you just run out of ideas after a while, but that's CLEARLY not true considering 4Chan managed to come up with over 200 new Pokémon for their fanmade game, nearly all over which look better than anything TPC has made since Gen 3. On the topic of Halo's art style, I feel like it suffers from the same exact problem that a lot of games do now: the screen is jam packed with shit ALL OF THE TIME. Grates, wires, papers, pipes, windows, doors, neon signs, etc. To me, it seems as though the extra power of consoles has made art directors think "well, we CAN throw this stuff in there, so we probably should". Halo's not alone in that problem, it's just particularly egregious because part of what made it so fantastic looking in the past was the clean and simple aesthetics (whereas something like CoD was always going for a cluttered aesthetic due to the whole nature of war thing, but wasn't always successful at it due to hardware limitations.) But games these days don't leave much empty space because they quite frankly don't have to. I feel like successful art direction in the past meant pushing the hardware passed its limits, whereas now it's more about reigning it in a bit, and it's not something that many people achieve.
  8. On the topic of Roybox, I can't see the settings helping them out too much. Clearly both of them have the chops to continue competing, but they're just not head and shoulders above the rest enough to keep on playing with the mentality that they've had. Seems fairly obvious that they've been "the problem" with EG for a while now (with the exception of some GOAT problems) . I'm hoping that them being excluded from worlds is the wake up call they need for an attitude readjustment. I'd love to see them as a top 4 contender again, if only because they and Towey are great personalities for the scene
  9. I'm the first to give people the benefit of the doubt, because shit happens, but this is pretty ridiculous.
  10. I lived in Tacoma in January-March and commuted up to work. Tacoma's a lot nicer than everyone says, but I commuted both by train and by car, and both sucked hard. I once left at 6 to "beat the traffic", and I spent 3 hours getting up to work at the very most southern end of Seattle. Even on a good day, that commute is not one i'd recommend to anyone. It's about 3 hours per day on average. That being said, Seattle rent blows chunks, so
  11. I'm pretty underwhelmed by the new Gorillaz tracks. This one is my least favorite of the 5. The only one I've dug a lot so far is the one that leaked and hasn't been released yet. Andromeda is my favorite of the released bunch, but I'm still kind of lukewarm on it. Saturnz Barz could have really done better without Popcaan and with less repetitive instrumentals. They're all pretty derivative songs for a band known for being ahead of the curve. I'm hoping that some of the album tracks are a bit more noteworthy
  12. I'm hoping there's someone around here that's ready to be totally fucking hyped over new QOTSA with me. Looks like a single and album details will be coming on 4/25
  13. What, you don't like your guns sounding like $30 electric staple guns?
  14. I dunno, how long can you be contrarian just for shits and giggles before it gets old?
  15. But the problem is that it's not just orgs that it keeps away. It keeps away potential viewers too. When I've asked Halo fans why they aren't into competitive Halo, the most common answer (excluding "I'm not an esports fan") is that team changes keep them from being invested in any particular teams. I have a problem with that myself, and I had a hard time caring about any roster changes this last hurricane season because it felt like none of the teams would stick, and I didn't necessarily heavily root for one team or the other (with the exception of NV and Optic) because I knew that the team will just disband in a couple days after worlds. I'm up for hearing arguments for frequent changes, but I wouldn't say that holding onto that part of the culture is a good argument, especially if it's hurting viewership and engagement.
  16. This is a great post. I know some people will argue that it just mirrors the points of community members, but 1. It's a great collection of important points, and there are great solutions here, and 2. It has more weight coming from an org owner. This may be a bit off topic, but I think it's an important discussion wen talking about halos relevancy moving forward, and I'm hoping that Connor may have ideas on how to fix it moving forward: ontop of all these issues, Halo is severely struggling for cultural relevancy. Some may blame it on poor releases, and that's part of it (as well as the Xbone's bungled marketing), but IMO it's largely to do with the popular idea that Halo is a "dumb-fun bro shooter", and that those in the competitive scene are taking things WAY too seriously for a big dumb sci-fi shooter. Just look at this article and the comments within ( http://kotaku.com/a-friend-convinced-me-to-shut-up-and-enjoy-halo-3-1790605482 . I understand this is Kotaku, but this is NOT a conversation unique to this site. I've seen similar conversations across the board). There is a severe misunderstanding of what makes Halo different from other shooters, WHY it's different, and why those differences make the game a unique competitive experience. Just anecdotally, I have several friends that disliked halo at one point (despite not having played more than a few games) because the mechanics didn't make sense to them. And no, it's not things like inclusion of radar or AR's, it was things such as "the archaic weapon pickup system, and the high TTK". Once I had those friends watch some games, and I explained the mechanics to them and why those mechanics separated Halo from being a lesser CoD, they loved it, and they are all regular players now. They started to love the idea of map control, equal starts, power weapon control, and all of these things that are unique to competitive Halo. So I guess the question is, how do you break that stereotype that Halo is just a dumb and vapid shooter that doesn't deserve competitive attention? CLEARLY it's not true, because there are some great elements to Halo that you can't get from other shooters. Even with Halo 5's problems, we have seen some incredible competition and some nail biting games the likes of which I just haven't seen from too many games. So, Connor, my question to you is: what can we or 343 do to show that this game (or even this SERIES. It's NOT just Halo 5) deserves to be watched in the same way that CoD does? My best guess is that it comes down to 343 to do PROPER marketing for HCS and the Halo games in general, and really knock it out of the park with H6 across ALL facets of the game (competitive, social, campaign, art direction, yadda yadda. A well made game will bring attention, even if only for a little bit). They really need to stick their necks out to show exactly why Halo differs from games like CoD, and why those differences make it something worth paying attention to. I hope that their "HCS drama series" is akin to the USA MLG shows, because that could make a huge difference. I remember those H2 shows really showing me what made Halo a fun competitive experience. The passion of the players and the explanations of the mechanics and the meta from the casters, players, and breakaways all brought me into the scene. But aside from these things, I'm a little lost for where to go beyond that. It really seems like the general gaming community does not like Halo if only because it's not popular to like Halo right now. How do we show people that Halo is worth playing and worth watching (and before people come back at this saying that Halo 5 ISNT worth playing or watching, keep in mind that the article I linked above was talking about Halo 3. The franchise as a whole suffers from this problem)?
  17. I feel like some people might think that a strict roster enforcement would be too limiting for the teams and might result in sub par teams because of players not being able to test people out properly our players not being able to leave a bad situation (i.e. Stellur in E6). But having strict enforcements might make people think a LOT harder about who they want to team with rather than running around teaming with everyone and their grandma, and might alleviate some problems. I think people would be less willing to team with people like Cratos (like him or not, he's caused real problems with teammates) if they know that they'll be locked into a team for a long time. I just wonder what teams would look like now if they were forced to work through problems rather than just chucking their problems/Commonlys aside in favor of a new player. And then there's the obvious benefit to viewer engagement and org involvement.
  18. Out of curiosity (as someone who dipped out of the comp scene mid-H3), how much did NBNS affect the viewership and involvement of Reach? As for the Scorpio reveal, I suppose that an H6 reveal is in the cards, but I think that H5 will be getting a pretty big content release later this year, and they might try and time that with a Scorpio release. Between that, some settings changes, and the possible HCS TV series, they might have a chance to jump start player base and viewership a bit. Here's hoping at least. As for the changes, a unified pro front would be the best thing. I like the idea of teams putting forward a rep to communicate settings desires. I'm fairly convinced that casual viewers aren't too troubled by radar or autos simply because they don't all know Halo's meta well enough to know that it can be better than it is now, but the average viewer ABSOLUTELY will take note of pro players not enjoying the game, and to a lesser extent, the discontent of the competitive community. No one wants to watch a game that the pros who play it don't even enjoy. That by itself may convince 343 that the HCS is better off with settings closer to what pros want, but who knows at this point.
  19. Did anyone take note of peak viewership on this match? I'm a bit bummed it was a 4-0, but at least it was far more entertaining to watch than CLG vs ALG. Edit: answered just a couple posts above me. Just over 71,000
  20. I was hoping I'd get to hear you yell out "SWEET CHRISTMAS" at at least one hype moment. Now my dreams are dashed
  21. Went from a cool $0 up to a painful $1375 this last week thanks Seattle. But on the bright side, I now live on the coast that's well known as the competitive Halo community hub worth the price
  22. Just thought you guys should know that one of my coworkers said the phrase "Zeke, fuck you man" while I was working, and it was said 100% in context of the job and with no relation to Halo
  23. It also hurts on the viewer end of things. I did a post on r/halo a while ago asking people what keeps them from watching HCS. Other than "I'd rather play games than watch them", by far and away the most common answer was that it's hard to care about any of the teams since they are always changing.
  24. I love rostermania when it's controlled. But at times like this where there's no holds barred, it's just a huge clusterfuck. It's hard to be excited about any changes when you know full well that they probably won't stick.
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