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  1. I’m stuck away for work just an hour and a half north of Seattle, and looks like I won’t be back home in Seattle until Championship Sunday if I make it back in time at all. I hope all those attending have a killer time though. I work just a few blocks from the stadium, so I’m super familiar with everything in the area. Just shoot me a PM if you need any recommendations on where to park, eat, drink, etc. Crossing my fingers that I’ll be joining all of you on Sunday!
  2. I’m absolutely stoked for Century Link. I live in Seattle and work less than a mile from the venue. If anyone is looking for recommendations for places to go to drink/eat/sightsee, just hit me up! Work permitting, I’m planning on going myself, would love to meet up with some people if I do
  3. GFH, take it from a guy that had extended family members that were alcoholics: there are some people that REFUSE to help themselves out regardless of what help or opportunities they are given. Being an empathetic person, I wish it weren't the case, but it just is. They were given every opportunity and reason to quit, but there just wasn't any helping them. It sucks, but the effort has to come from them at a certain point, otherwise you're wasting time, money, and effort
  4. I feel like I speak for a fair amount of people that dislike Trump when I say: I don't really care if Trump is conservative or liberal, I don't like the guy because I consider him to be morally reprehensible and careless when it comes to what he says and what he enacts. I don't think that those traits will shake out with time, but I'd love to be proven wrong. Would I like to have a more liberal president because I'm liberal? Sure, but I'm fine with a conservative president if I feel they represent us well as a country, even if I don't always agree with their policies. Trump has so little tact, he's constantly reneging on his opinions and statements (sometimes only days later), and he reminds me of several people that I know that I can't STAND to be around because of the way that he views himself and treats other people. And feel free to call me a liar, but I'm positive that if Trump acted exactly as he does now, but were just liberal leaning as opposed to conservative, I'd have just as much of a problem with him.
  5. But the point is more that those people aren't staying in those jobs just because they're the easiest jobs to be in. I get that they are easy jobs to fill, they aren't easy jobs to be in.
  6. It wasn't a well thought-out opinion, that's for sure. Part of the problem is that those types of people think that minimum wage jobs are the easiest jobs around, and that people are just lazy for wanting them, and that they are living "too luxuriously" for people living on a so-called "minimum wage". Did I mention that my ex's family had severe problems with empathy?
  7. My ex girlfriend and her family were like that. Luckily I was able to convince her that that's just not an okay thing to wish upon the amount of people that depend on those jobs haha, never got through to her dad though. I understand the sentiment behind it, but it's just frankly not feasible in the SLIGHTEST to expect that a person depending on a minimum wage with zero support system to have the time or money to get trainings, seek different employment, etc. As sad as it is and as much as I wish it were different, there's some people that just can't do that.
  8. There's a surprising amount of people that feel that working a full time minimum wage job SHOULDN'T be a livable income. They believe that there should be incentive for people to seek trainings and education, or just flat out get a different job to move beyond those jobs and get a livable income, and that the only people working minimum wage jobs should be high school and college kids. Pretty bizarre to me.
  9. Can't blame you for that. Luckily I haven't met many people that feel that true and unchecked socialism is a good idea. I have a lot of friends that believe in some socialist views, and I believe in them to a certain extent too, but pure socialism is definitely not something that can work in any way shape or form. I definitely have a healthy respect for capitalism, I just think that the best solution is probably somewhere in the middle between the two.
  10. So much about what Bernie was calling for was unreasonable. I liked the guy if only because he doesn't seem to be a scummy politician, but there wasn't always a lot of sense behind things. That being said, I think that minimum wage has fallen well beyond what it should have to when accounting for inflation. I was kind of hoping that he pushed for things like free college and $15/hr if only because he'd then have some room to compromise and come down to a more reasonable proposition that people could agree with. Edit just to say that I think that's there's a reasonable amount of room for compromise to find a solution that brings minimum wage closer to livable, but doesn't end up knocking out every small business in America as a result.
  11. For what it's worth, there's a lot of liberals that feel the same way as him, they just aren't the most vocal. I am liberal, and I got myself a mechanical engineering degree so I could make a good living, and I intend to put my money where my mouth is and not complain too much for taxes that I feel are justified. I paid for college myself with the exception of some decent scholarships, and I never expect/expected people to pay for my shit, because I think it's important to do so. I am aware that people take advantage of the system way too much (coincidentally, where I'm from, those people are largely conservative, but I think that that's mostly because the kind of shit person that would take advantage of something like that is too lazy to form their own opinions and just end up following the popular political party of the area). I think that there's a lot of excess, waste, and corruption when it comes to people using the system, but I also know that there's people that genuinely need the system to help them out at times. I've met plenty of them (whether it be from natural disasters, deaths, freak accidents, you name it), and I don't think that they're moochers, they've just fallen on hard times. I just think it's a case of dumping out the baby with the bath water. Ultimately I think that there should be a huge crackdown on who is getting what money and for what reason, but it's pretty tough to draw lines when it comes to ethical issues. As for free college, I'm pretty split. I don't think that college should be as expensive as it is, but I also went to school with PLENTY of kids that just didn't take it seriously because they weren't paying as much as others, and they didn't understand that monetary investment. So they went to school on the tax payer's dime only to fucking flunk out the first semester because they didn't have to care.
  12. I'm liberal and even I agree with this
  13. https://www.buzzfeed.com/tamerragriffin/fyre-festival-shitshow?utm_term=.jr0QkeGxq#.gdDGpv35J Fyre for HWC 2018 organizer?
  14. How is it? The releases tracks have all been pretty meh so far with the exception of The Apprentice. Anyone else excited for Royal Blood and QOTSA coming up?

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