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  1. I’m stuck away for work just an hour and a half north of Seattle, and looks like I won’t be back home in Seattle until Championship Sunday if I make it back in time at all. I hope all those attending have a killer time though. I work just a few blocks from the stadium, so I’m super familiar with everything in the area. Just shoot me a PM if you need any recommendations on where to park, eat, drink, etc. Crossing my fingers that I’ll be joining all of you on Sunday!
  2. I’m absolutely stoked for Century Link. I live in Seattle and work less than a mile from the venue. If anyone is looking for recommendations for places to go to drink/eat/sightsee, just hit me up! Work permitting, I’m planning on going myself, would love to meet up with some people if I do
  3. https://www.buzzfeed.com/tamerragriffin/fyre-festival-shitshow?utm_term=.jr0QkeGxq#.gdDGpv35J Fyre for HWC 2018 organizer?
  4. How is it? The releases tracks have all been pretty meh so far with the exception of The Apprentice. Anyone else excited for Royal Blood and QOTSA coming up?
  5. Shout out to the guy I saw in West Seattle waiting for the bus this morning and wearing an HCS jacket. I hope your rent is good
  6. Accidental neg I'll get you back somewhere
  7. OT and late, but the new Pokémon designs are garbage. Most people attribute that to the fact that there's so many Pokémon and you just run out of ideas after a while, but that's CLEARLY not true considering 4Chan managed to come up with over 200 new Pokémon for their fanmade game, nearly all over which look better than anything TPC has made since Gen 3. On the topic of Halo's art style, I feel like it suffers from the same exact problem that a lot of games do now: the screen is jam packed with shit ALL OF THE TIME. Grates, wires, papers, pipes, windows, doors, neon signs, etc. To me, it seems as though the extra power of consoles has made art directors think "well, we CAN throw this stuff in there, so we probably should". Halo's not alone in that problem, it's just particularly egregious because part of what made it so fantastic looking in the past was the clean and simple aesthetics (whereas something like CoD was always going for a cluttered aesthetic due to the whole nature of war thing, but wasn't always successful at it due to hardware limitations.) But games these days don't leave much empty space because they quite frankly don't have to. I feel like successful art direction in the past meant pushing the hardware passed its limits, whereas now it's more about reigning it in a bit, and it's not something that many people achieve.
  8. On the topic of Roybox, I can't see the settings helping them out too much. Clearly both of them have the chops to continue competing, but they're just not head and shoulders above the rest enough to keep on playing with the mentality that they've had. Seems fairly obvious that they've been "the problem" with EG for a while now (with the exception of some GOAT problems) . I'm hoping that them being excluded from worlds is the wake up call they need for an attitude readjustment. I'd love to see them as a top 4 contender again, if only because they and Towey are great personalities for the scene
  9. I'm the first to give people the benefit of the doubt, because shit happens, but this is pretty ridiculous.
  10. I lived in Tacoma in January-March and commuted up to work. Tacoma's a lot nicer than everyone says, but I commuted both by train and by car, and both sucked hard. I once left at 6 to "beat the traffic", and I spent 3 hours getting up to work at the very most southern end of Seattle. Even on a good day, that commute is not one i'd recommend to anyone. It's about 3 hours per day on average. That being said, Seattle rent blows chunks, so
  11. I'm pretty underwhelmed by the new Gorillaz tracks. This one is my least favorite of the 5. The only one I've dug a lot so far is the one that leaked and hasn't been released yet. Andromeda is my favorite of the released bunch, but I'm still kind of lukewarm on it. Saturnz Barz could have really done better without Popcaan and with less repetitive instrumentals. They're all pretty derivative songs for a band known for being ahead of the curve. I'm hoping that some of the album tracks are a bit more noteworthy
  12. I'm hoping there's someone around here that's ready to be totally fucking hyped over new QOTSA with me. Looks like a single and album details will be coming on 4/25
  13. What, you don't like your guns sounding like $30 electric staple guns?
  14. I dunno, how long can you be contrarian just for shits and giggles before it gets old?
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