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  1. Is it the way he plays? Or do they struggle when the other team is able to exploit the weakest slayer on the team? If he makes those challenges and wins more of them, would his team still struggle? My point being that it might be the way he plays in conjunction with the lack slaying ability. Don't get me wrong, I think LBX is an amazing player, I just wonder if his real life is catching up with him of if his plays style doesn't mesh with how fast paced h5 is.
  2. I agree, but I think slaying in Halo 5 is more important than anything, and LBX lacks that a lot of the time. With the respawn time so long, slaying and keeping the other team waiting to respawn is soooooo bloody important. Just look at CLG. They all slay so incredibly well, and they don't have a mostly objective minded person like, for example, Naded.
  3. Am I the only one who thinks the issue with EG isn't the fourth, but LBX? I know he's never been a slayer and all but his numbers at the Finals and regionals were the worst on EG by quite a bit. Maybe he just doesn't have the time anymore to dedicate himself to Halo, and the bar has been set a lot higher in H5 compared to H2A. Obviously he and Roy will always team as long as he's playing Halo. I just don't know if dropping Commonly is really going to fix anything.
  4. Really don't think ALGs play style does well against CLG. Aggressive teams like RNG, Denial EG (at times) play style seems to be the only thing that keeps them on their toes
  5. I also recall the EG/CLG tie game on truth. Was really intense, and then CLG blew them out in the replay.
  6. I don't think so. You need 3 caps to end it right away, but if you're leading at the end of added time you win.
  7. A second world championship and pro league announced! Yessssssssss
  8. Elevate is 13-0 so far. Even CLG has dropped a game. Can't say I saw this coming!
  9. Sick crouch play by El Town there. Hilarious considering the criticism directed at Spartan in the Team Beyond tournament.
  10. Exactly. Everyone knew the format going in. Its their fault they didn't finish 1st in their group. Should it be double elimination? Yes, probably, but it is what it is.
  11. I don't see how EG got "screwed." They came second in their group, and got put up against a 1st seed. If they didn't wanna play CLG than they should have beaten RNG. The exact same thing happened to RNG at regionals. Lost to Liquid and played CLG. Unlucky for CLG though to play probably the strongest 2nd place team.
  12. This is why it was huge for RNG to win that EG matchup. That series was huge for the whole bracket.
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