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  1. 2 onyx players looking to fill 2 spots. We're looking to start playing competitively with GBs and such. Need 2 more to fill the team. Feel free to pm me on here or in game. GT: CYN1CS Twitter: @Cynics_HCS
  2. Added everyone who posted, I'll shoot you guys an invite when I see you on. Bumping
  3. Hey all, My name is Nick, and I've been into competitive halo since reach. I have a good understanding of how the game works, and a grasp on spawns, ect. I've really only solo queued so don't judge by my ranks. I have an open mind, and appreciate constructive criticism. I'm looking for players to grind, and win with. So, on that note, if you're interested send me a message on xbl. GT: CYNLCS. Down to run games with anyone!
  4. GT: CYN1CS I've been looking to get into competitive play. I'm a lower onyx, but mainly because I don't have a team to win consistently. I'm a quick learner, and I want to win, and grind. I'm more than willing to scrim, watch film, help come up with strats, ect. Add me, and we can run a few games together.

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