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  1. As the title states loosing in Warzone Assualt with a full party can give you around 150% more REQ points per hour. This short video (3 minutes) explains how it works and how to do it.
  2. So framerate is still garbage on Xbox One? Meh I'll wait for that too get fixed first.
  3. I agree I used to use overheads to map out spawns and strats in the H3 days.
  4. As long as I can find games quickly I don't care if 200 people are playing.
  5. I think showcases will be done soon man... I would try to find something new to do.
  6. I use the Turtle Beach 500X they are wireless. A little expensive but I had the money at the time. They are awesome!
  7. I would call the manufacturer or check Youtube. On a side note maybe get another TV for watching movies. 24 is a bit tiny.
  8. The weekend playlists have always felt incredibly rushed and unfinished VDay felt the same.
  9. I play on a 200" TV while sitting in a deep recliner.
  10. Dude seriously good script. Did they pay you or was that done for free? I'm asking because I'm a youtuber myself. I don't think I would ever need a script BUT I'll keep your name in mind if I do need one :p Luke
  11. I like the editting style. Though I will say that I miss the old style of montages. Punk rock + Nasty Clips.
  12. I've never heard of you before. I like your stuff man. I'm Luke TheNotable I do Halo tips.
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