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    NBA Thread

    Bulls just got train run on them.
  2. bjirvine

    NBA Thread

    Mark is simply expressing how much more he values a white person over one of an inferior race. Nothing new for Boston scum.
  3. Regardless, Boucher's absence will hurt. He is a premier shot blocker and can stretch the floor and hit threes. I still think Oregon is Sweet 16 material. You know what they say about guard play in March.
  4. bjirvine

    NBA Thread

    Pretty sure it's a selfie.
  5. I called USC over Washington, but Michigan and Clemson losing were pretty surprising. I have no idea what the committee will do, it's human nature to react to the chaos but in reality these teams that lost still have stronger resumes than just about any of the teams that could pass them in the rankings. Ohio State should climb a couple spots but I'd keep Louisville right where they're at. They've looked shaky so many times against teams that have no business hanging with them.
  6. Man, Auburn was really bad today.
  7. Getting it close enough to draw a flag for pass interference is Del Rio's best throw.
  8. Del Rio really does suck.
  9. The Pac-12 champion Colorado Buffaloes. Obviously.
  10. Washington has a tougher remaining schedule, A&M wouldn't make the SECCG even if Bama loses a game. Undefeated Pac-12 champ Washington is a no-brainer over A&M.
  11. Nebraska hasn't played ANYBODY. And don't say Oregon. Even though they were ranked at the time, they're terrible.
  12. Basically they were too high to drop all the way out. And the loss was a close one to another ranked team.
  13. Not feeling a UT comeback today.
  14. I could swear Tennessee fans have been booing their offense. It's not like Bama are slouches on D.
  15. Let's see if someone can close out Tennessee for once. Surprised UGA is playing this well after the beat down we put on them a week ago. Home field advantage, I guess.
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