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  1. Finally caught up on the last 50 pages because I forgot to check the thread for like 3 days. Thanks for the stats Tormented and Chad, I usually don't have much time to tune in to most scrims, so stats in a concise form are always appreciated.
  2. I've yet to venture into another thread on this forum. It's dank as hell in here.
  3. My daily rep has been reset finally! I wasn't able to upvote for like an hour.
  4. Well, I'm exhausted but it was worth it for the most part even if I fell asleep half way through. Caught Liquid vs Renegades though, another great CTF match on Truth. Now to catch up on 30+ pages whilst eating breakfast. :bman:
  5. I hope to have this face for the entire weekend. I think someone else already mentioned, but I think the last time I was this excited for a tournament was back in Halo 3. Hoping nV exceed expectations but Snip3down's my man, so I'll take an EG win. :ghost:
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