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  1. Then why haven't we been talking about the removal of pick-up delay for weapons, particularly power weapons? Why don't weapons swap instantly? Fighting for them is only one aspect. Adding the pick-up delay means that people can't just sprint/thrust bum rush and pick it up off a lucky spawn with the same degree of success. I'm still not sure how I feel about the pick-up delay; I just don't think it's necessarily automatically a bad thing.
  2. I am loathe to say what I am about to say, but I think the animation - or more specifically, the activation delay - adds skill to the game. Given how powerful power ups are, I think it makes sense that players should be rendered defenseless for a very brief period to introduce some balance. It reduces the effect of lucky advantageous spawns and blind bum rushing for the OS. There's no instant pick-up with power weapons, and there's no instant weapon switch. I think the activation delay is a logical inclusion and certainly not just aesthetic irrelevance.
  3. Putting Halo in a relative perspective against famine, terrorism and Donald Trump is a slippery slope. Everything fails in importance next to a starving baby. But you are right - it is not my place or anyone's to say what people can and cannot complain about. I'd say It is pretty clear that some people do have a stick up their ass as you put it. Though it wasn't my intention, it probably seemed like I inferred most people were like this when it's actually a minority. Most people's asses are stick-free. Maybe another issue here is that I don't necessarily agree that an OS pick-up is a bad thing (aside from the glitches).
  4. This is a deliberate misinterpretation of what I posted. I said we should concentrate our efforts on major issues in the game, listed them, and even mentioned how I've supported Halo for several years. At no point do I espouse or advocate indifference toward the development and improvement of Halo. Unless you can demonstrate otherwise, I'm going to assume I missed nothing because i) You said my post was worthless - I made a fair argument as to why my post wasn't a useless, blanket statement ii) You said I should list the bigger issues - I listed them, and gave examples iii) You implied some obscure assertions about how my perspective was invalid because I have not "been here for the entire decline of Halo" as others have. I'm not sure what the relevancy of this implication is (and besides, I've been around since 2008. In other words, I have only experienced the decline of Halo). iv) You said I used buzzwords - Like I said before, this is a thread about a Cursed Lemon video and you're complaining about someone being verbose. Maybe the point you were trying to make [and I could be wrong because you're just complaining] is that my call for a leveled approach to criticism was misplaced because of the long experience some people here have with giving feedback. In which case I'd still disagree with you because there's nothing wrong with a reminder to people to chill out. [Procrastination levels 100]
  5. This post is incredibly ironic. It seems like you'd like me to stop, think ... and not post any words at all. Or maybe more accurately, post what you would like to read. I have played Halo for many years, watched events, supported streamers. Though regardless of that, anyone who plays Halo and wants to see the game improve has an equal stake in the argument. Sorry to break it to you, but just because someone has been around since Halo 1 does not give them special privileges. The bigger problems are obvious, like the spawn system, radar, low population - not a tiny custom pick-up-animation. I'm not opposed to someone arguing for its removal, but when we have a big problem like dreadful maps (Torque and Riptide), and someone says a pick-up animation is one of the "worst changes made by a Halo dev", I think they're the sort of comments that fill a space that could be otherwise filled by more measured feedback. My post did add something. It's always important to keep issues in a debate in perspective. We could complain until the cows come home about every little detail about Halo, but where would that get us? It's your post that contributes nothing but aggravation and can effectively be reduced to: "shut up, we've been around since H1, we know more". On a final point, you seem to be implying that my post was verbose. You're doing that in a thread about a Cursed Lemon video.
  6. As irritating as that might be, I think it's important to keep things in perspective and measure our protest. As a community offering feedback, we don't want to descend into a cacophony of pedantic demands when there's bigger issues at hand.
  7. I do not understand why people have to be continually cynical. We're just trying to do a good thing here.
  8. So I've sinced learned that @@Towey does amazing commentaries and analysis, some of which are available on his YouTube: youtube.com/theryantowey and others can be found on his twitch channel: twitch.tv/towey - I've subscribed. His output really is incredibly insightful and pivotal for the community. Check it out guys, I don't know why it doesn't get more attention!
  9. Could someone please explain the spawn system on Torque? It seems like they can genuinely spawn anywhere in Slayer.
  10. I think that's a very fair point and probably why it's just so difficult to teach. Like anything though, I think combining excellent tutelage with good practice is the best way to improve. Even from watching the stream this weekend I feel my gameplay has improved by absorbing knowledge.
  11. I just subscribed to the stream. Your content is excellent.
  12. I am pumped for the req pack, and I have no idea why. I hope Allegiance wins and Naded takes his first tournament victory, predominantly because of the sheer amount of practice they put in. I have the utmost respect for committed preparation.
  13. We're headed deeper into the rabbit hole and we're never going to agree. Ultimately though, we're debating because we both care about seeing the best possible Halo tournament and I think that's pretty cool. I think thoughtful debates like this can only be good for the game.
  14. I guess I just favour a more ruthless approach. The way I look at it, I don't see why EG deserves the opportunity to lose three times. They lost a game in pool play, and then lost in the bracket. You think they should be given another opportunity, because people generally consider them to be a top 3 team? I think the placings this tournament are an accurate reflection of how well teams played. I certainly don't think the system is perfect, but the stakes are high and there has to be a losing team. I just personally am not in favour of systems that give high seeded teams the opportunity to essentially play poorly and I guess that's always going to end in painful results for some teams.

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