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  1. As a poster here, I think this thread has a good balance of discussion all around. I like seeing settings discussed far more than the pages and pages of shit posts, gifs, one line replies, and other genreal things that really dont contribute. When those things get posted, I simply skip by them. The only think that throws this thread off track is when mods try to overmoderate. You can have 10 different threads all dedicated to small things, but currently the meta is: halo 5 gaurdians is general discussion, and this is HWC discussion which involves settings, teams, live chat during games, etc. I've never seen a place so dense of shitposts, gifs, and +1 replies get so angry over things that technically involve the thread title.
  2. 3 of the only things that really irritated me this weekend: 1. The amount of sniper noscopes hit across the board is honestly pathetic. At some point appealing to new fans shouldn't come before keeping old fans happy. Can I hit some of the noscopes the pros did? Probably not. But the risk vs. reward of the sniper is totally skewed right now. If a sniper gets flanked, they should die. They shouldn't be able to hit a noscope with a sniper that doesn't even have to be on someone's head or body. Some pros played MCC Halo 3 money 8s the other weak on narrows. None of them came close to hitting a sniper headshot. I think there was 2 sniper headshots on a full game of narrows CTF. The sniper is a complete joke in Halo 5. 2. Storm Rifle. A weapon as powerful as the storm rifle needs to either spawn less frequently, or spawn in the middle of the map. One of the most overpowered guns in history, IMO. 3. Splinter Nades, aka, the "I just got completely fucked up in a 1vs1 battle so I'll just throw out an instant explosion plasma nade that I happened to walk by" nades. The area of denial is fine, but tone down the explosion damage when it first explodes. Other than that, was great Halo to watch IMO.
  3. Edit: go back to posting about Optic and posting reused gifs
  4. MaNiaC hits some snipes and now he's considered a top Halo 5 player? He's the best one on Optic, I'll give you that. But that's as far as it gets.
  5. Bubu showing seasoned vets how to use camo. Camo plays have been an absolute fail outside of that play this weekend.
  6. Enough of this crap man no one gives a fuck except like 2 people here
  7. Huke is getting all the hype but everyone on Denial has been just as good as Huke. Contra is an extremely solid objective player, Bubu plays both roles, and Dev is solid support. Of course huke seems to be the slayer.
  8. Everyone on Denial is crazy. Just beat CLG and got 1 camo the whole game and Railgun 1 time.
  9. New York, Hollywood, or SF top 3. Probably all equally as bad. Expect prices for fans to be anywhere from 3x-6x as high as somewhere else.
  10. Don't be jealous of us california guys. Come see what a million dollar + house looks like out here LOL. Good job on making this trip 10x more expensive for fans than it would be somewhere else l.
  11. "Halo 5 pistol is the first true utility weapon since Halo 1".
  12. Contra is playing the best and most consistent on Denial right now, IMO.
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