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  1. took that one. Thanks so much man.
  2. if you dont have a shot then dont look at them, if you dont want to be looked at walk away. Or sprint away. Unbelievable what happened to the Halo community. i cant believe this is even a serious question. The point of halo is to control the map and do work on the enemy. How you want to do work if you cant see? The point is not throw down smokes and cheese a flag. If you want to score you need to kill the enemy team, with skill not with gimmicks. If you have no aim or movement grab a shotgun and sit in a corner and shut up, but please dont ruin it more with youre stupid ideas. I think people with those ideas are better off playing strategy games because FPS is obviously no their genre.
  3. "prey or predator" i guess when you preorder you are the prey.
  4. i dont like the horizontal backsmakcks since Halo Reach. I prefered the One Handed verical backsmacks from the old Halos. I also liked the organic sounds better, i dislike the metalic sounds.

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