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  1. Using a picture of me and walshy to get extra tinder matches
  2. how have i just found out the bubble shield expands and contracts...
  3. Could someone invite me to the chat please! <3 twitch Name: Lnfuzions
  4. It would kind of make sense the RC/Str8 merge. If im not mistaken isn't Naded friends with one of the sudds?
  5. Cod champs makes the prize pool for the season 1 finals laughable.
  6. Does this really still need to be discussed in 2014?
  7. Im not an Optic fan, but props to Flamesword for putting together a really good squad after losing Ola and Snipedown.
  8. tried to process a refund but they said i had to take it up with 343... smh
  9. trigger impulses are vibrations within the triggers. Controller vibration is when the whole thing vibrates. (someone correct me if im wrong)
  10. Could be wrong, but i think T2 bought the rights for Str8 Rippin.
  11. not a bad call, but other F/A's in my opinion would have been a better pick.
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