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  1. Oh ya. On Twitch, or what platform do they use for viewpoint/player selection? I was not aware of this. Halo is pretty much the only esport I watch.
  2. When I was watching the tournament this weekend something struck me over the head when I switched to the Bravo Stream on Mixer. Halo 5 in particular is a very fast moving FPS, and at times can be quite difficult for new viewers to follow, due to frequent camera changes from player to player. With Halo Infinite and Mixer, 343 has the opportunity to evolve the viewer experience. Allowing the stream to be more interactive. By allowing the viewer to chose which player's viewpoint they want to watch. The viewer could decide to chose to watch the default "caster" viewpoint, or just flip between players as they wish, or simply chose and stay with their favorite player all game. It would change the way we watch eSports, especially FPS games. I understand this would require a lot of bandwidth with 8-9 streams, but definitely feasible in today's day and age. And it would even be possible in online tournaments. With each player having their own selectable viewpoint if they are streaming.
  3. This is a very good post and should be elaborated on a little more. The BR is popular and fun weapon to use, but introducing a random element (spread) as a way to limit long range fire fights is frustrating and poor design. Recoil maybe an better idea if it is done well. In Halo 4 everyone hated recoil because it was excessive, cumulative and combine with spread. Recoil can work in Halo if spread is eliminated from the BR and the 3 bullets travel 1 after another in a tight, consistent pattern. And after the burst, the reticle return back to the original position (height) of fire. That way in close to mid range combat, recoil would be hardly noticeable. But in long range, the slight upward recoil may mean you miss the last 1-2 bullets of a headshot if you don't control your aimer. But at least the slight recoil at distance would be consistent and controllable, unlike spread. Just my $0.02.
  4. Personally I think Menke's idea of merging Social and Ranked playlists is genius for low population games like Halo 5. It will only improve the quality and speed of matchmaking. And would allow for some UNRANKED playlists to have a ranked counterpart, like BTB, Griffball, Infection etc which many people would like. And many of the Ranked playlist could have a social option like Doubles or FFA where players could practice without the need for smurphs or worry of loosing rank. He even made some suggestions of how to handle some of the concerns; 1. Using the Focused search option to only allow you to match up with plays searching similar playlist to you (ie Ranked or Social) 2. Each player could potentially have a Social and a Ranked MMR. With the assumption when they play social their MMR will be a little lower (playing more casually). But most Social Skirmish games I play are just as sweaty as HCS in my experience. There are a few redundant playlists that are currently splitting Halo 5's low arena population, Team Skirmish, Team Arena and HCS. Since the HCS setting are the superior ones, ideally you would merge all 3 playlist in to a single one with HCS setting, but having a social and ranked search option. But I doubt this would happen due to outrage from the casual players. So most likely would be to merge Team Skirmish and Arena. Which unfortunately, doesn't help the HCS low population. So another option it to experiment with this type of playlist merge with the new FFA settings refresh up coming. Have ranked and social player search together. This would allow Menke to tweak the MMR before he brings it to Arena.
  5. Yes, players searching social get full radar and players searching ranked get HCS radar but are matched together. Sounds fair
  6. Staleness of a game can be improved may ways. Like may other have mentioned, adding new game modes/maps with freshen thing up. But I feel that is just a band-aid for the bigger problem. If the core game mechanics are solid, you won't care if you play the same map over and over again because it will continue to be fun and competitive every time you play. Take de_dust (de_dustII) in Counterstrike. People have been playing that map for almost 2 decades and it is still fun, competitive and one of the most popular maps in the game. Midship would be Halo's de_dust IMO, because it is very well balanced for most of Halo's gametypes. However, Halo 5's new mechanic's break a lot of what made Midship great (map control, positioning, etc). And unfortunately, most of the other Halo 5 maps do not play well with the new spartan abilities and in particular sprint because players can to quickly traverse the map. So until Halo 5's (Halo 6) core mechanics are more refined, maps and game modes will continue to feel generic and become stale quickly. Hope this feedback helps.
  7. I don't think there are any announcer queues for Oddball yet either.
  8. As with most people, I agree Oddball and Assault gametypes are the obvious requests. Assault was tested prior to the new HCS radar, so it would be interesting to see how it would play with new setting. Also, Oddball could potentially have different base movement settings for the ball carrier in Halo 5. You could make the base movement slower, but still allow sprint. That way with the new HCS radar, there would by a risk reward of popping up on radar as the ball carrier. No idea now that would play until it was tested.
  9. T2 is quick to criticize everyone else for "not growing the Halo scene." But honestly, what the fuck has he really done that is so much better than the other pros or community members.
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