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  1. That’s my point man, we’re on the same page! Trying to please the casual crowd has completely failed.
  2. A decade of trying to cater to people who can’t deal with BR starts has accomplished nothing. The series is less popular than ever. Do what’s good for the game for once.
  3. It's funny to see how both 343 and Bungie seem to deal with issues in the most round about, band-aid ways that introduce 10 different new problems. Boosting and cheating could be solved with an active banhammer, and tweaking the ranking system to make progression more linear and difficult to maintain at the top. Boosting was prevalent in H3 because you could make a new account and fool the system into thinking you were a god by stomping through the 10s-40s and get a 50 in something like 20 games. As a side note, this was also an issue caused by Bungie making their ranking system too complicated - they had some inane proto-ELO based system that was based on a bell curve and guessing whether or not you should win based on the ranks and records of your opponents and teammates... But I digress. Rather than tweak their system they just remove ranks altogether which creates another plethora of problems. Same thing with selling accounts. You won't be able to stop dumb people from buying accounts but that doesn't really affect gameplay unless those bought accounts are getting placed way higher than they should and ruining high rank matches. Again, that could have been fixed by tweaking the ranking system. But hey, why not just remove ranks completely instead? And now we have 343 over here "fixing" the BRs ease of use by adding random spread...
  4. On the topic of the H3 sniper: Iconic weapons introduced in H1-3: -Magnum -Battle Rifle -Sniper -Rockets -Needler -Plasma Pistol -Others I'm forgetting Iconic weapons introduced in H4/H2A/H5: -? 343 doesn't really seem to understand how to make guns that stand out. They've never been able to make a weapon that is both fun to use and challenging, in my opinion anyway.
  5. Yeah, my cousin has COD, which is why I bought it, FWIW.
  6. So I can proudly say I pretty much haven't touched H5 since launch week. But, last night my cousin and I who haven't had the chance to talk in quite a few months had our free evenings line up, so we decided to play some Xbox together. After browsing both our game libraries, the only game we shared was H5. I throw us into Warzone, because I figure its the most casual playlist where we'll be able to just mess around and have some fun getting used to the game. What follows was 20 minutes of us being trapped in the base while the other team bombarded us with vehicles, specialty REQ weapons, etc etc etc. We finally lost with a score of around 500-1000, and both of us promptly laughed, quit the game, and I went to go buy the new COD game. This is why your games never hold a casual audience, 343. For one, the game is just too fucking complicated now. I haven't played this game in ages and while I can aim fine, I'm not caught up on the all the ridiculous tricks that come with thruster, slide, ground pound, etc. Then you have the insane cascading advantages that come just with someone being able to spawn in with a BR, rather than the pistol and AR I was stuck attempting to ping people across map with. And of course, the ranking system may as well not even exist at this point. This was my first game in literally months and I don't think my cousin had ever even played the game. We got absolutely trashed our first game back. In Halo 3, I would have just thrown us into BTB, and while we probably still would have lost and not gotten too many kills, at least we would have been able to have a good time messing around with vehicles and stuff, and not had Mr. Warzone Hero thrusting around us using insane REQs. Part of it is just that Halo used to have a lot more people playing, but in Halo 3 if I had a friend over who wasn't very familiar with the game, we could go into social and have a good time. There would usually be at least one person in the game who was good and would get a lot of kills, but the rest of the players would typically be around that person's level. You could at least have some fun with the game, which just doesn't seem to be possible for "casual" players in H5.
  7. If you have to read outside material to make sense of a story it's poorly written. I still have no clue what happened in H4.
  8. Like a lot of other people in this thread my worst moments came from the MCC. Over the years since Halo 3 most of the people I used to play with have slowly trickled away. I still keep in touch with a few of them, but nothing more than a few texts here and there really. When MCC was announced it really was a chance to relive the past. I think most people who were around to experience the original trilogy are well into adulthood now, and I think on some level everyone wants to be able to go back and experience those care free teenage years again. MCC was a chance to reconnect with a time in our lives that was probably more relaxed for most of us, and to reconnect with the friends we used to have and the communities we used to be a part of. Honestly, for me the fun of those years is what keeps me around despite the fact that I haven't really enjoyed a Halo game since Reach. When launch night finally happened, I held onto some optimism. It was just the first night right? Things would be better after a couple hotfixes right? However, when the first "patch" dropped (I think the first patch or hotfix or whatever that they launched came pretty quick, maybe 24-48 hours?) and I logged on and still had tons of trouble, it was like a switch got flipped for me. Suddenly all the pessimism I had after H4 came flooding back. This was 343 we were dealing with. This game was not suffering from something that could be fixed by a minor server fix. The game itself was an unfinished, stitched together Frankenstein disaster and would never be fixed in time to provide the revival we all were promised. My friends were all done with the game by the end of the first week, never to be heard from again. On top of this, the lack of theater (and not to mention functionality) pretty quickly killed what was left of the montage community, ruining yet another part of Halo that I loved. The MCC was way, way worse for me than H4 or H5 were. I could accept that 343 had a vision for the series that just wasn't for me. I thought they were stupid for what they were doing, but I could accept it. But to dig up my childhood and give it such horrid, disrespectful treatment? I think it really shows that the people at the top at 343 and MS do not care at all about the series they have stewardship of. It's like if when Disney bought the rights to Star Wars, instead of making TFA they just did everything they could to disrespect the originals and "reinvent" the series in a completely different direction.
  9. "To give the Covenant back their bomb" remains to this day one of the most bad ass lines ever uttered in games period, and I still get chills watching that scene. Nothing in H4/5 has come even close to that. MC from the original trilogy was a fantastic character and there's a reason he's considered one of the most revered characters in gaming. Sometimes less is more with storytelling.
  10. Don't forget blaming the lack of popularity of the current game on anything but the gameplay!
  11. If you need multiple weapons (beyond the usual sniper, rockets, shotgun and other random weapons the original trilogy had) in play to be entertained Halo is just not the game for you. Try COD or Destiny.
  12. @@heytred When you say compromise, keep in mind that most of us aren't asking for the moon here. It's not like most people are asking for the removal of all abilities are something like that. No radar, a faster killing utility (4sk pistol) and fewer powerful automatics on map are already a compromise, and really a no brainier for competitive Halo. I understand stuff likely won't happen until after the HWC and that's fine but we've also received literally zero indication that any of this is even being considered. A few fairly simple tweaks would really go a long way towards merging the play style that made classic halo so fantastic with the newer style of play in H5.
  13. That's a fantastic explanation of what the aiming feels like and why it's an issue.
  14. Who is going to be hurt by 343 adding more aiming options so we can get back to how aiming felt in every other Halo except 3? I swear, some of you just instantly dive to 343s defense for what to me seems to be literally no reason. Are you really gonna be mad if they cave and add more options? It's obviously a problem for some of us and it's obviously different than past games. Why constantly jump to 343s defense every time someone brings up an issue that clearly impacts the game for some of us?
  15. Wow, good on 343 for that tribute. Reading the news story about those two girls was awful and I can't even begin to imagine how their parents must feel.
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