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  1. Hello... haven't been around here in a while. Do people still post/chat here or is Forgehub more active these days? Might get back into forging just for Halo 5 Forge on PC! Hella stoked...
  2. Nice to see you breaking out of your comfort zone with this one. Looking forward to seeing more original and complex designs from you (and everyone else)! Haven't played it but looks like too many power weps. 2 snipes, 2 shotties, rocks, camo and os? Personally I'd trim it down to just 4 or less to keep it simple...
  3. Looks really, really dark. Is it hard to see players? Just curious...
  4. You guys better be making some bomb ass maps once the game drops.
  5. Stick around for H2A... If worst comes to worst then it will outlast H5. H2A is worth sticking around for regardless of how good or bad H5 is gonna be... seriously...
  6. Thanks for the feature Zandril!
  7. Outlaw 8-10 players Team Slayer - Extraction - KotH - Oddball Overshield - 116s Sniper Rifle - 146s Railgun - 116s Download Outlaw
  8. Fuck WAYWO anyway yoloswag
  9. Holding a poll for best map at Waypoint? That is a good way to NOT find out what the best map is. As cool as it would be for forgers to get that kind of attention and have their maps remade into the game... I doubt it'll happen.
  10. I've only seen the pictures but this does look really cool. Lots of nice angles and connections. Indoor and outdoor areas. Height variations everywhere. Also, nice to actually see a circle on a forge map, lol. Aesthetics are clean too, clean textures and contrasting whites/blacks. First picture looks really cool. It also shows a lot as well. Height variation, choke points, ramps, jump ups, non-lazy cover etc... Sorry, can't give you feedback after playing the map like you've asked. I don't play xbox anymore...
  11. Finish the map!! EDIT - Also if you add extraction cylinders to make a fancy logo on the wall everyone will shit their pants at how great you are
  12. I really want to forge some Planetside 2 inspired maps. I've been playing PS2 this whole year and the bases and gameplay have really grown on me design wise. Only problem is the utterly, massive, maaaaaaassive verticality. Like 50m+ verticality. Definitely gotta be a BTB map if I ever do make one. Here's some images...
  13. Yeah for reals, MCC forge is gonna be the best forge to date, and be playable on the best Halo to date. Kind of hard to not want to get back into the scene again.... only thing is I'm not sure if I can afford an XB1 for a while... Dude... have fun with H1 and 2 man. H1 is gonna be tough, super high skill gap and 3sks. Great maps though and gameplay though! It'll be good to see where it all started man... Yeah definitely excited to play forge maps on Halo 2. Definitely gonna be the shit. No sprint, AAs or any bullshit to watch out for. Guhhh that would have been awesome to have been forging all this time for a game as good as Halo 2.
  14. I'm really excited for everyone with this new bad ass forge mode for H2A. I'm not sure if I'll be around though, not sure if I wanna spend hundreds of dollars just to forge anymore. We'll see. Regardless though... I hope to see some awesome maps from you guys.
  15. I was down for unlocking doors like in Standoff that opens up alternative routes and strategies. Not really down for gimmicky stuff like what I've seen in the MCC. Basically I would like some interactive things that open up alternative strategies rather than net you instant kills or shields.
  16. The carbine was always great for straight blasting and suppressing opponents. It usually comes as a surprise and can make players choke if you start landing shots fast enough. Exploit its higher rate of fire or don't use it.
  17. Download the maps and check them out in forge. You'll be able to see all the respawn points. Profit.

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