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  1. Sorry if this is a dumb question but Does mlg own the rights to carbon name an logo?
  2. Of course not but they still havent fared very well on lan either
  3. Remeber when EG beat optic like week 2 of pro league? EG's free fall since has been crazy
  4. Really only 17% of that total prize money got awarded? Or am i misinterpreting this? Not the sharpest tool lol
  5. Same. For whatever reason i cant seem to hit the finishing headshot for the life of me now.
  6. Has 343 ever released any sort of playlist population numbers?
  7. Yeah I messed up big time not getting the warranty but dam I would of never thought they were this bad.
  8. Im on my 4th Elite. Left bumper detached from the left side on my first 3 all within about a month. 3 month warranty is up on my 4th so im screwed if it happens again
  9. Blaz3r


    No description was entered
  10. Well you'd think they be obligated being on the most popular esports console team an all but who knows.
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