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  1. Thanks for that great post product tester, it really moved me. But u are a liar i see u quitting out of games all the time to preserve your win%. I played against u in slayer and u hid in a corner got 2 kills and quit before u died. I guess ur just chippin away at that neg kd
  2. I agree, no need to waste my time on this loser anymore. Sorry for the disturbance to everyone but joe Hop off my richard
  3. Ok so ur looking me up and everything and i can do the same thing. Joe t8 - champ in breakout 286 kills 320 deaths Way to get carried dude ur not good we've played u before
  4. Look me up on halotracker ive had a champion every season. Was a champ in doubles as well. I never said i was champ in every playlist bro u need to read better. Call me a troll but i know what I'm talking about. Ive been lurking this thread and all u do is cry about skill gaps and hidden ranks. Looks like ur the real troll here if u cant learn how to use the pistol or ar. Halo isnt all about 5 shooting people, u need to use strategy and every weapon on the map to be successful. The only skill gap is in knowledge and playing smart and u are low tier.
  5. I dont know why you are hating on the doubles playlist. The maps are a fresh twist on older ones. The br is perfect plus spawning without nades ensures you dont get spawn trapped. Every game i played was easy we were destroying people since the release and we were champions in doubles. There isnt a hidden ranking, if u keep getting owned by everyone maybe you need to step it up. Good job 343 on this playlist. Also i would not be so proud of your champion seeing as how its the easiest one out of all of them (only saying this since you name dropped another player disrespectfully). I wish i could match against you soon and take that champ.
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