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  1. Its a cookie cutter moba, the only thing different about it (thought its a huge difference) is the 3rd person camera angle.
  2. Anyone else just watch Smite worlds? I think Halo, Smite, and Gears are all in a very similar tier of popularity and prestige in the esports world. So I'm curious as what people think of their events compared to Halo.
  3. So is Str8 Rippin trying to become actual org now instead of just a team name?
  4. Imagine if LOL had just stayed together as Liquid after HWC.
  5. CoD definitely has the best scene if your an amateur that wants to compete. They have regular opens through MLG and UMG plus online GB ladders and wagers. No other game has the grassroots community that CoD has.
  6. Anyone have a link for the bracket?Can't watch the stream right now.
  7. That's the exact setup CoD has, so there is precedent for that kind of cooperation. But I doubt it would happen for Halo.
  8. Whether it "should or shouldn't" be there is irrelevant. 343 wants sprint, so we will get sprint.
  9. I mean they weren't terrible, I just find it funny because he makes it seem like playing Reach ruined his life.
  10. Crimsix said watching/playing Halo brings back too many bad memories from his "dark days" during Reach.
  11. I'm surprised it took this long to be honest. Though the 76ers have been historically terrible the last 4 years, they have the necessary money to invest how I said if they feel the return will be great enough.
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