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  1. QFT, I did a couple rounds of P90X before I actually started learning about lifting and nutrition. Leanest I've ever gotten. Anyways I haven't hit the gym in probably 2 years (Life got hectic). Before I fell off I had achieved Intermediate to advanced strength standard lifts on all my heavy compounds. Now I haven't taken such a long hiatus before, so how long will it take to get my strength back? how fast does muscle memory and the size associated come back into play. Little apprehensive about going back, but I know i'm just holding off because I'm being a lazy kent.
  2. Something feels slightly off with this update in the shooting department. 0.5 the BR and shot reg felt really great, recently it hasn't. Could be server issues for sure, but it's pretty frustrating.
  3. Cheers thanks man. I tuned in to the open and saw Ola and I thought I went back in time, looks like he got younger lol. is Saiyan the old halo pro? he made a comeback
  4. Just coming back into the Halo eSports scene, who are the strongest teams/players right now. Upcoming talent? I stop watching mid Halo 5. I see Lunchbox still has a team, where is Roy?
  5. been watching for 30 minutes and im already bored. :'(
  6. Yeap, and im not overly lean either at around 12% bruce lee genetics of peace. (not srs)
  7. a Plate for me. Don't see myself pressing more than that however OHP is hard as fuk to progress on
  8. Getting too wide for my liking tbh haha, so im good. Plus I have small joints so less muscle looks like more. Need to cut tho most BF ive been carrying in a while.
  9. What are strength standards for lifts to have a decent amount of muscle for a dense lean physique? Obviously its different for most people but generally? I have a BW OHP, I can incline just over my BW, Squat about BW x 1.5, and Deadlift just over 2x, and can Chin BW + 50lbs. Training for aesthetics. Cheers for anwsers
  10. hehe ty men, my name is guru rakesh my blog is gururakesh.com plz donate
  11. lol @ projecting your shortcomings on the woman Work on yourself and be happy with yourself and you'll attract a like minded woman Like attracts like. If you are a cunt your GF/partner most likely will be too. srs
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