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  1. Hello. I saw your post and am interested in getting a try out. I have gb experience as well as LANs. I know call outs and am not ego crazy. No raging. Strong believer in team work. GT is Jockko NE
  2. I'm looking to find players in Louisiana interested in playing competitive halo. Possibly going to some LANs and online tournaments. I live near Lafayette. GT is Jockko NE so add me if your interested.
  3. Hey monster. Get in touch with me. GT is Jockko NE. I'm looking for teammates to play under org for comps.
  4. I'm interested in giving it a shot. I have some experience in GBs and HCS. Teamwork and chemistry are very important to me also. As well as attitude. Can't be a toxic team and expect go far. GT is Jockko NE
  5. Hey. I'd like to try out with u guys. GT is Jockko NE
  6. Hi. I'd like to be a part of this. Have experience. GT is Jockko NE
  7. I'm interested. I have experience and similar situation. GT is Jockko NE
  8. Josh GT: Jockko eG Lafayette Get to HCS finals
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