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  1. @@Six God Good shit making top 100 this year man
  2. Long time no post but I finally went around and did a powerlifting meet. Shits a great experience and the energy is amazing, I would recommend it to anyone unsure of trying it out.
  3. M2k 3-0ing armada. This is 2016 everybody. Found it hella cool that Ogre2 was happy for m2k, its like 2 worlds colliding.
  4. I'm a scrub lol, I only play probably once a month with my buddy. I just love the competitive scene and watching good gameplay.
  5. OGRE2, Royal 2 and Snakebite were pretty big whiners in H2A. Great players but they did complain a lot about unnecessary shit. I think their success is masking it.
  6. @@Six God Just saw your montage off smash reddit, really well done. I remember watching BH5 when you played armada thinking , isnt that guy from the beyond forums too? I'm from Toronto myself, good shit.
  7. As much as I wanna be optimistic for Optic, them losing to triggers pound friday sealed their fate.
  8. I love the timing of listin-ins sometimes. Roy: Dont Die! LBX: I know! *dies*
  9. Sorry i was out of the loop. Chig became a manager at Liquid?
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