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  1. I think the Forerunner rifle should just be the sentinel beam with a scope...
  2. If they think the problem is accessibility, then why don't they just keep social and ranked as close to each other settings wise? That way the casuals can play ranked without having to learn new maps and settings? Certainly would be better than dumbing down the game and having ranked be a COMPLETELY different game. Is it too much to ask that both casual players and hardcore players play on similar settings?
  3. Dividing the community 50/50 is a stupid idea. The game by itself should be good without having to go to custom games and disabling all the crap they threw in just "because".
  4. someone please give me a 48 hr
  5. I agree 100%. If they get it right with just weapon loadouts, we will see a lot more variety and it will be much more fun to watch. As cool as AAs are, they just wont work. It could work like Gears. Simply go into the menu and select your default starting weapons. One thing to note is that we cant have weapons like the PP because they kill vehicle combat.
  6. Nah were just saving them their time and money. If they like the crap then THEY are the ones killing Halo by supporting these terrible games.
  7. Cool video. So how many people are in the Halo 3 MLG playlist these days?
  8. So do any Halo games have mixed amounts of aim assists on weapons? I haven't really noticed a difference. Also, thanks for the reply.
  9. So how many players are there in the Halo 3 MLG playlist?
  10. So how would you guys balance the BR/DMR/Carbine/LR/Pistol? Seems kind of silly that the Pistol is just shit compared to all of them and the DMR/BR dominate. Would you start by removing some of them because they all fulfill basically the same role? Would you keep them but try to define their niche better? Or, maybe something else?
  11. Guys, loadouts can work but only if the only options you have are primary and secondary. Primaries available: AR BR Carbine Plasma Rifle Secondaries: Pistol something else but def NOT the plasma pistol
  12. How do these people end up in the spotlight? Halo 3 is simply a much better game and honestly, Halo 4 deserves all the criticism it's getting.
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