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  1. Alright, I've read like the last 10 pages of this entire back and forth with the elephant in the room. It may have been resolved already, but that was a waste of my time. Arguing over someone making settings for a game to make it better in their own eyes as well as more enjoyment out of the title was a waste of the "new guy's" breath. Obviously, through many of the posts the guy made, he wasn't listening to anything that the previous group of individuals (discussing the classic settings) were informing him on. I don't understand people like him. He didn't add thoughts to the discussion on settings or offered an opposing view for the overall discussion. Instead, he just kept drawing useless attention to himself and wasted everyone else's time in the process. Anyways, I hope that the original person who proposed the settings at hand has good luck in finalizing them. I look forward to trying them out, soon.
  2. Yes, however I believe that a game should, overall, have consistent in-game mechanics throughout all modes. To clarify, I do agree with the fact that Spartan Abilities and Sprint don't work in Halo due to them making the game lack intuitive competitive potential and countless other negative ripple effects. However, their negative effects can transfer to Warzone. 343i doesn't need to put in Sprint and other Spartan Abilities to make Warzone map-traversal work in Halo; here's why: Remember on-map vehicles? Teleporters? Gravity lifts? Remember when Man cannons were viable and could be used creatively? Yet, 343i hasn't used them as much as some expected them to. At the start of Halo 5's development, 343i initially shot themselves in the foot with the creation of the Req System because they had to make an entirely new mode (Warzone) to justify its existence in Halo-- they needed to give players a reason to buy Req packs and use them in matches. Unfortunately, this explains why we don't have access to some starter vehicles (mongoose, warthog, etc.) at the beginning of Warzone matches because they want the player to use Reqs and they want the experience to be "better" than BTB. Also, the same can be said about Spartan Abilities in regards to overall map and sandbox design. On-map movement systems were highly viable in past iterations because you didn't have the ability to move warp-speed across the map, 24-7. In the past, they were available to all and added strategy to the way BTB maps were played-- teleporters and lifts worked well for some competitive maps as well. Currently, 343i has only made some of their maps with Man-cannons; even then, these are only in Warzone. However, they aren't as efficient as they were in the past; Spartan Abilities prove the man-cannon use:incentive ratio unimpressive in some moments. With a revival of on-map movement systems, such as teleporters, on-map vehicles, gravity lifts, and cannons, in replace of Spartan Abilities, Warzone map-traversal can work just as well as it does with SAs. 343i wouldn't need to push SA's because they already have the map assets that Bungie left for them and even build upon them (there are still many more creative ways out there that can allow players to maneuver the map faster). Also, the experience can differentiate itself further from other FPS's that share similar modes. I honestly don't know why 343i stopped using these assets; they can definitely fit well in Warzone.
  3. Your overall idea of player-driven pattern customization is a feature I have stressed heavily to members on Waypoint in the past, but some of them didn't truly understand the concept much. To be clear, I do agree with it, though. Going off of that concept, what happened to having our emblem stamped on the shoulder of our player model? Even though it was such a minute inclusion of deatil, it was something I found to be unique as well as another way to make your player more personalized. Also, I've always thought the fact we could customize the color of our Spartans has been rendered useless in H5, considering we can't view other players' Spartan in pre-game lobbies or have it be a factor in the modes most people play in-- those that are team-based. The H2 idea of having OUR personalized Primary Spartan Color shown in team modes as the Secondary color is definitely a logical alteration that I predict would extend the purpose in customizing your Spartan. At that point, though, I'd like to suggest, would having the vice versa of the previous idea (meaning that, in team modes, our personalized Primary color remains as our primary color, and the our secondary portion is automatically set to the designated team color) be a viable option, similar to the way Destiny showcases player models in team modes? Of course, a notion similar to this would be a secondary-thought once we have a true 'Halo' game in the design department. However it is something I've questioned when implementing it into Halo.
  4. You know what, I honestly have no clue. Many YouTubers reported the next update as if it was the last one. My curiosity, primarily, lies in why 343 had advertised H5's post-launch content update support as if it ended by the end of June (up until Frankie's NeoGAF response saying otherwise). Why not publicly confirm that support for Halo 5 will run after June during, I don't know, E3? Also, it seemed even more like they were done with H5 post-June when 343i stated that this upcoming update will be the biggest one, yet. In my opinion, this situation just adds to 343's history of poor communication to the fans when it comes to understading their actions with the direction of the franchise. Also, have they announced a release date for the June update yet, either?
  5. True, but they did talk about it in a "The Sprint" episode and teased it in previous Content Update articles before it actually released.
  6. Looks like Reach's Plasma Repeater to me. If that IS the case, why didn't they give that to us in the Memories of Reach Update? Also, at this point, wouldn't it be redundant to have 3 Automatic Plasma Rifles in the game? The Brute Plasma Rifle, Repeater, and Storm Rifle basically fulfill the same hole in the game, just perform slightly different from each other. I feel like it is a pointless addition in the game.
  7. I think the Community Doubles playlist lasts for a week. Since playlists like Doubles will always come and go (even though I don't know why we can never keep new ones; I really liked Fiesta) it probably won't become ranked.
  8. The new update definitely looks interesting and gives me a reason to return to Forging in Halo 5 for a little bit more. The new canvas gives me a couple of interesting ideas... maybe something based off The Silent Cartographer or Zanzibar, or a new idea that could be applicable in Arena. The possibilities... Also, with all of the e3 news that's been released, I wanted to bring up a prediction I've been thinking about, recently. Since Phil Spencer practically confirmed that the next major Halo installment is going to be released on Console AND Windows 10, will the competitive scene stay on Console or move to PC? And, will 343 ever reciprocate what we've wanted in a new game, considering the large influx of new players who will buy 'Halo 6.' IF 343i continue on the path they left with Halo 5, in regards to specific Spartan Abilities and overall game design, I don't believe more players will be playing the game for months/years post launch for the next title, even with more unique player populations to boot. In fact, I predict Halo 6 will have an even lower retention value and a higher population decrease than it has been since Reach. In short, more players will buy the game and even less players will continue to play months after (ratio-wise/proportionally). That is why I'm assuming it will give 343i even more reasons to continue avoiding reciprocating what this community has always addressed and solve the issues that have plagued Halo, till this day. I don't know, maybe I'm wrong... we'll see. Btw, this is my first post on Team Beyond forums, ever.
  9. Lol, the sarcasm. Sorry for the dislike, mis-clicked it. I was on my phone; meant to +rep it.
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