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  1. Yo I'm looking to run as many games as possible, trying to find a team dedicated to the game. I'm available whenever. If I'm not online msg me, I have smartglass. Or just hmu on Twitter @zBatz_
  2. Yo add me to run games if you still looking GT-zBatz
  3. Yo add me to run games GT-zBatz
  4. GT is zBatz, im est time as well. i wont be on today because of the super bowl but tomorrow ill be on basically all day. just hmu if you are still looking for people.
  5. GT is zBatz, im est time as well. wont be on today considering it is the super bowl. i usually get on the game around 2 or 3 est. then play until something comes up or until im tired. interested in trying this out and seeing how things go.
  6. hey guys, F/A here GT, ChrisLG H5, wanna grind and play in all tourneys. Willing to go to events, with or without a team i wanna go to the next event to compete in the FFA. HMU to run games. And off topic question, i just recently changed my GT on XBL, how do i change it on here? Any help would be gladly thoughtful!!
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