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  1. What happened to Naded when he said he would stream "20 hours a day"????
  2. Some interesting comments, keep in mind: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hyperbole
  3. So has no-one noticed yet the planet in the background on MCC is actually Reach? Lol 343.
  4. There's so much information about patches and ETAs and shit. Can someone tell me simply, is this game working yet?
  5. Oh yeah I completely forgot about that haha. I thought because it was called "Halo CE: Anniversary" in the E3 announcement and not "Halo 1" or "Halo: Combat Evolved." Those reaction gifs did give me a good laugh though.
  6. Ogre 2. Close thread. 1. Ogre 2 2. Walshy 3. Ogre 1 Anything 4 and below is debatable and interchangeable. And I only put Walshy above Ogre 1 because Walshy managed to make it back into the finals twice (Vegas 08 with Insticnt, Roybox and Soviet, and Dallas 09 with Carbon, Naded, Shockwave and Defy.) and Ogre 1 never made it back into a finals after Medows 08.
  7. yeah everything is working in that respect, I read something like only PAL vs. PAL and NTSC vs. NTSC can work, is that true?
  8. Hi, I'm from the UK and I can't get a game in H1 over XBC, it says it can find my console though while I'm searching for a system link game, I'm also playing on the marketplace digital version, I have no disc in my Xbox. Is it possible for me to play H1 over XBC? Also is it worth spending £4 on a H1 disc with MCC so close? Just to play H1 over XBC.
  9. Halo 3 in the MCC will be better than H2C in the MCC. If Halo 3 was released with dedicated servers and your shots actually connected it would widely be regarded as the 2nd best Halo behind H1 and better than H2/V7Reach and every other Halo game. Halo 3 had everything except a bad-netcode. Best maps, best sniper (It was the most difficult to use out of all the Halo games), best BR (if the net-code was good), best player-models (something that is crucially underrated), best movement (again if lag wasn't an issue), best ranking system (getting a 50 was possible, but still difficult enough to be a challenge, unlike H2 where it is virtually impossible), best playlists, introduction of Forge and Theatre, best campaign IMO (this one is obviously highly subjective), best graphical style (the game doesn't look outdated in 2014, 7 years after release) and finally it was the most popular game, that was played on the Pro Circuit at a time when the Halo community was thriving. Is there anything I missed? I'm not saying Halo 2 is a bad game, I'm just saying H3 would be above it, if it shipped with dedicated servers in 2007. Don't be surprised when MCC comes out, and the population graphs show more people playing H3 than H2C after a few months.
  10. I wouldn't be surprised if this get's pushed aside to make time to show off the new sweeping HD Vistas and Skybox of the new Lockout map in H2A!
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