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  1. Huh. That's funny. Warzone Assault is actually fun now. Must be a coincidence.
  2. And y'all wonder why some people don't like this place.
  3. It's k. He just wants to see his REQ money be useful.
  4. And y'all wonder why you don't get the information. Lol.
  5. Other people paid for the game too. Way to be a selfish guy who fucks it over for the other people who paid because you can't be assed to stay in a game for 10 minutes on a map you don't like. Anytime ANYONE quits a match for any reason, they are fucking the game up for everyone else left in the match. You seem like the guy that complains when people quit out of your matches too.
  6. Or you could, you know, not quit and not fuck over the other 5 people in the match. Why even play FFA if you're just going to quit anyways?

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