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  1. Its not too late. We just gotta hook you up with your local HCE dealer. Get you your fix in no time.
  2. Halo 5 lacks the cure to your condition. You need something a lil stronger. The drug HCE.
  3. We all gotta start somewhere. Just embrace your inner most desire to run around wrecking things with camo/rocks.
  4. First, you must quit being such a got dam scrub. Let me know when you have completed that step.
  5. Maybe once your taste in weapons aligns with the rest of my fan club.
  6. I appreciate your honesty. pack it up boys we got em
  7. That is simply untrue. The enemy still has geometric advantages over you. It still isn't a fair fight. Why is gaining geometric advantages exempt from this frustration you have with unfair fights?
  8. For the people reading this but not discussing. There are two sides to this. Most of what hard way is saying has not been proven. The feeling of inconsistency is just players opinions after playing alot of Halo. I personally think that the hardware is not the cause of these perceived inconsistencies. The second part about xboxes not being created equal is due to the silicon lottery.
  9. Nhe just makes shooting slightly harder. It feels very similar to playing regular offhost. It’s a very small adjustment. Along with it offering an even playing field it’s just a better way to play the original game
  10. They played 1 series together. Harris and Ogre 2 had never played on a team together and they only lost by 1 game in series with several less than 5 kill losses. Also harris had not played halo for 6+ months before that lan.
  11. No those 2 are not even top 25 players. In regards to the overall discussion, I think the outcome of a series with Ogres vs Patch/Legend or really anyone in the top 10 or so would come down to who has been able to get the most practice in. I think Ogre 1 has gotten caught up on how halo 1's strategies have changed over the years so he would be just getting reacquainted with the feel and shooting of the original game. Also, Ogre 1 has no experience with Downrush afaik and I don't think Ogre 2 has been able to play it much since BL3. It would likely put them down 1 game in a series immediately (Assuming that map was played). I think Legend and Patch losing to McDick and Jownz this Beach Lan shows that practice is who decides the winner, not anything else.
  12. The thing about an emulator is that it will likely have the same large deadzones as the original game and the difference in horizontal and vertical sensitivity. Also it will probably be played using system link which is will increase the difficulty in shooting due to offhost. It’s not really going to be a fair comparison. I’m regards to the recent updates, the game has measurably improved. With bullet redirection finally gone leading shots actually works now. That is not a placebo.

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