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  1. I don't if anyone else noticed but there are hit indicators and no X's over your teammates when they die.... (at least for now)
  2. I read a tweet somewhere from a 343i employee that Spartan Abilities would be stuff along the lines of dual wielding, sprint, and more
  3. Ogre 2 ('06 -'07 and then again during '10-'12) Strongside ('06 - '07) T2 ('08) Neighbor ('08 & '10) iGotUrPistola ('10 - '12) Walshy ('06 - '08) I liked teams more than individual players in their specific time periods
  4. Costa Rica gained my respect that was a great match to watch
  5. Competitively? I think it definitely will. Halo eSports though? I think it can... but will be a low-mid tier eSport title if I'm thinking pessimistically Right now with the state of eSports as it is now, I think there is now way Halo will be anytime soon (if nothing happens if Halo) entering into these "big time" eSport leagues such as ESL or Dreamhack even if MLG decides to pick it up again or even join some of these big time eSport titles such as League of Legends (Over $8 million dollars of prize pool money is put into and has the highest amount of viewers in eSports and the world's most populated video game with over 72 million players) and Dota (currently holds the biggest World Championship Prize Pool for an eSport title currently at $9 million dollars and still rising (you can see it here for yourself http://www.dota2.com/international/compendium/)) I think if Halo eSports wants to be big it NEEDS to in my opinion have the next Halos (Halo TMCC and Halo 5) be on both PC and Xbox to create a bigger player base and create a bigger talent pool and teams going, Not only that I think 343i needs to make their own tournament series like how League of Legends does it with their LCS (League of Legends Championship Series) and make a circuit with the help of MLG (if that is MLG does decide to pick it up again) because 343i by itself I don't think has that much money to do so (although the partnership with Astro Gaming is promising) right now so if they can produce one or two tournaments with a World Championship with the help of MLG tournaments I think it will be pretty solid. In terms of FPS eSports I definitely think Halo can be big and possibly be a big time eSport (and possibly bigger than the "golden days" of Halo) even if Halo/343i doesn't go through the route I think that will be optimal. Just look at the history of FPSs in eSports. Call of Duty were in a state similar to Halo years ago and look at where they are now? Look at Counter Strike, Counter Strike used to be bigger than Halo OR Starcraft in the US and Europe way back then and it fell off hard but look at their recent success they've been having in ESL with IEM Katowice holding the CS:GO World Championships. If other FPSs can do it so can Halo. I definitely do think 343i will make the right moves and am very excited to see what they have in store for the community
  6. Tweet from Kelby - twitter.com/call_me_Kelby/status/476156668321882112
  7. If you guys also don't know he has competetive Halo roots as well!
  8. Shiizzzz @@Proto I have some bad news for us buddy apparently Lustboy left CJ Blaze.....
  9. This is a set in the right direction for 343i and Halo eSports together as a whole, if you look at some of the most prestigious eSports leagues in the world they cannot run without sponserships and deals just look at the LCS (League of Legends Championship Series) for example which is run by Riot Games the creators of League of Legends, they have a huge number of deals and sponsperships that include American Express, HBO (mainly the Game of Thrones franchise) and even Cola Cola! Although I have moved on from Competitive Halo I still follow it and cannot wait to see what 343i have in store next for the coming years for Halo eSports
  10. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sDjYLIB2uFw
  11. http://screenrant.com/halo-tv-show-fall-2015/ Thoughts?
  12. Though I may not follow the CoD scene too much I think this is a fine move for Evil Geniuses is a much more established eSports organization compared to complexity and I'd be very surprised if the two (the org and the players) don't work out somehow
  13. Hey guys some big news here but Curse Voice is now in open beta!
  14. No No No Yes Honestly for me personally I think Halo is in a very bad position for both newer generation fans and old generation for a current high schooler I always hear people saying oh Reach was good, or no 4 was better without talking about 3 or 2 etc. (fyi I'm a 3 kid so 3 is my personal fav.) I just honestly don't know if switching Halo back to its old format like in 2 or 3 would be good for the current generation of Halo fans or newer generation fans, I mean yeah it'd be cool for older generation fans but with the way FPSs are now I just don't know
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