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  1. why the hell did they put this H5 doubles in the middle of the H3 4v4. Talk about momentum killer. Jesus H5 is still haunting the good thing we had going.
  2. Damn what happened to the forums?? There used to be constant chatter in here. I've been gone for a while. Also i'm sad to see that this tourney not even breaking past 2k views
  3. I honestly want Denial to win because i want Str8sick to get his first tournament win.
  4. yea i don't understand why they are using best of 7 with Halo 3. Best of 5 is better imo
  5. and why is this a 7 game series???? This is not Halo 5. Go back to best of 5. The length of gametypes in Halo 3 are longer than H5.
  6. wait i leave thinking Tox would 3-0 and its a bracket reset!!!!???????
  7. Look at the viewership go up!!! 343 please watch and take notes
  8. The art style. Halo 3 looks so much better than H5 by a mile. AND it look so much buttery smooth than H5 at 60 fps
  9. Don't forget to say that THE GAME STAYED TRUE TO ITSELF...............unlike cough this sprint Halo shit
  10. Its good to see a new team on top. Did you guys really want to see Tox dominate all these tournaments????? As we can see Tox is getting closer than before to Splyce's level. Every other team need to step it up. The competition is closer than ever before

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