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  1. Alright...I've been lurking for a while now and it hasn't been until today that I have really felt the need to make a post. Let me start off by saying that I have no hope in Halo 5, absolutely zero expectations; and after the most recent Halo titles, how could anybody? There is no denying that anybody should be satisfied with the fluff that 343i has been feeding us and our community leaders. I however would really like to get on the topic of H4GC since that was the reason this entire thread was made. If anybody is to say that Sunday wasn't one of the greatest days in Halo history they're kidding themselves. Do not get me wrong Friday and Saturday were both an absolute abomination and might as well have not been streamed at all because twitter updates would have provided more information than the stream did anyway. Even despite the dissapointment that was Friday and Saturday, Sunday was the best thing that has happened for the Halo series in a long-ass time. In my opinion I enjoyed it more than any Halo Reach tournament that is for sure. As much as you would like to argue that 343 has no care about competitive Halo, this tournament, this $500,000, is pure proof that they do. We have no clue what is in store for the future, but we at least have this acknowledgement that they know we are here and have heard our complaints. Whether they will do anything with those complaints remains to be seen until actual come out to play. This $500,000 tournament however is also proof that 343 realizes they needed to do something to recuscitate their as they know it is failing. And behold, it was a pretty damn good rescuscitation, for one day Halo was incredible again, for one day Halo was once again the pinnacle of competitive FPS. What I am trying to say here is, should the people in power be trusted? Hell no. I sure as hell don't trust them yet. But nobody can deny that Sunday, H4GC, was finally something astronomical that 343 pulled off correctly. It is also no secret that 343 does not want to fail, it's obvious that Halo 4 is fucked up and anybody who has looked at that population chart can tell you that. Another terrible Halo game could really do Halo in for good, clearly, because even us community members who have still stuck around through the hell of Reach and H4 at launch are at the end of our patience. To close this up, 343 has the resources and the ideas available to them, they have a have a community behind them who, although not always supporting their decisions, supports their game. No one would still be around here if we did not care about Halo and did not want it to be the best it can right? And just as in the past, it is up to the developer to work with what they have in front of them and create a Halo that can return it to the top. Based on past history? We're Fucked. There is no reason to have faith which I why arguments like Lemon's are so sound and true. There is small evidence that may suggest 343 has the right idea, and will make Halo 5 great, but hey whose going to surprised it's another shithole? I know I will not be. Only time will be able to tell what the future of the Halo franchise has in store and you cannot disrespect others for having faith that their favorite franchise will be incredibe again. (I do apologize if this is a bunch of useless jargon for a I haven't made a forum post in a long ass time, I do hope I was able to make a few points that allow both sides of the argument see it from the other side)
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