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  1. Sorry if this is a late post. So Oddball Throwing is in H2A? Confirmed? I liked Ricochet for what it is but I really hope 343 keeps Oddball the way it is meant to be--classic. (or add a Oddball Throw toggle option for the gametype but have it 'no throw' by default)
  2. Any info on the Halo Channel yet (its release date for example) and how it will interact with Twitch?
  3. So the patch will be queued up automatically when its released? No I think I accidentally did just the normal Halo MCC preorder for $60.
  4. So I just now preordered Halo MCC on my console--isn't the patch and Halo Nightfall suppose to be queued up? (I have automatic updates turned on)
  5. The smart hax0rs will find a way around it I'm sure but thankfully it will be easy for 343i/Microsoft/Xbox to monitor who is active on the servers before launch. Seems to me modding/hacking on the xbox one will be dealt with a lot harsher than it was on the xbox360 since you now tie real currency into XBL.
  6. Okay thanks the help guys! I decided since the preorder skull is just an early access unlock I will cancel my GameStop preorder and get Halo MCC digitally. :ghost:
  7. Is there a link you could post so that I could see? That is the only reason why I picked GameStop.
  8. The Bandana Skull preorder bonus from GameStop (I'll need it for going for LASO) is the only thing keeping me from getting digital. Really don't wanna have to wait if I get the hard copy, but I also wouldn't wanna buy the game twice. (digital & hard copy) Gonna be live streaming it so time is everything and I don't wanna wait 2 days for everything to download to stream multiplayer. I'm in a pickle.
  9. So should I cancel my preorder at GameStop and just buy Halo MCC digitally/get everything preloaded? I want to play the game as soon as possible after launch. (I have 20mbps download so it would take me around 11hours to download the patch alone) edit: Also if I digitally download Halo MCC/preload it, will the 20GB patch automatically be queued up to download/install along side of the game?
  10. I want a simple in-game screen capture mode that is pretty much just like theater mode in any other halo game--saving films, clips etc. but all the system does is record your game screen for your matches.
  11. I'm glad you could finally make a valid post. Been nice talking to you.
  12. Would love to have a convo with you about my forum signature but I don't like talking off topic on a forum. Thanks for posting.
  13. You left out the D in disable. But thank you for quoting my signature. I guess you are all for JIP with people huh? must of loved halo 4.
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