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  1. It is. Ogre 2 just informed me. Thanks for the replies, was just curious if it was Maniac
  2. Naw I think it was somewhere in Ohio or Utah. Thanks for the link tho
  3. Ogre 2 said something about streaming a Halo 1:CE Lan today on his channel. Does anyone have an info on when this Lan starts and who else went?
  4. Golf clap! Not to take away from your point.... but..... GIVE THIS MAN A LIKE!
  5. I swear Cratos, himself, is his only fan. Dude is so cringey. That caption says it all.
  6. This sloth realized he can post here again. Someone take his green name away, he won't be needing that anymore. Naded #1 MVP
  7. Hats off to Snip3down and the rest of EnvyUs, they BATTLED this weekend.
  8. Boy, you have no idea what you're talking about at ALL in this post.
  9. Just finished watching UGC from this past weekend...... Hats off to Truce for a dominating win! Thank you Joe Fries for putting Cratos on the spot! Cratos is a scumbag and deserves to be fined for unsportsmanlike behavior. Unfortunately, UGC likely won't deal out a fine, but HCS might if he does it during a live tournament. "Ninja was talking a lot of shit and Stellur ruined our season. I'm not here to make any friends." That's the lamest excuse I've ever heard not to shake anyone's hand after a GG. So you just disrespect two Halo legends in Box & Roy, who you probably grew up watching, by not shaking their hands? Cratos is clearly caught in his feels over Halo drama. I'm glad Ninja talked shit to him and got in his head.
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