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  1. If He Gets Banned Expect A Troll Army In Beyond Forums.
  2. They Are Doing What They Did With halo 4, Giving You False Hope So You Can Buy Their game.
  3. There Is No Hope For Halo 5 At This Point . We Need To Focus On Halo 6 If We Want A Competitive Game Again.
  4. I Missed The Stream. Does Anyone Have Youtube Links I Can Watch With The Matches?
  5. No I Can't Stop Because That's How My Phone Work!!!
  6. If They Have Radars They Will Run Away All Day It's Going To Be So Boring To Watch.
  7. Does The Skyline 1V1 Have Radars? 1V1 On Skyline With Radar Is Bad Because Of Sprint. You Can Just Run Away All The Time. Idk Maybe LAN Will Change Things.
  8. Check Out The Last 3 Pages. When Does The Stream Start?
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