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  1. Agreed with what others have said. A competitive playlist is only a different typeset. We need a game with a high skill gap and curling, with everything being changeable and modifiable at the gamers will. We need a game designed to test the players, not hand them victory. I have faith that mason and Eric will keep this in mind. But only time will tell, right?
  2. Just saying we shouldn't be mourning. It's not a loss of a hero it's a well deserved rest.
  3. You're all acting like he died in a horrific accident. Ghost is a busy guy. He is a full time student as well as a dedicated fraternity brother that has been killing himself in dealing with the most fickle and shallow gaming community that has been. And now with the recent decision to fall back on Halo 3, I'm stoked for his time to focus on the more important matters he has at hand. And let's be honest here. Do you really think this is the last we will see or hear from Mr. Hewitt? Nope. The man has halo ingrained in his blood. He believes in this series more than any single person and I would be willing to bet my years salary that he will be back in more influential ways than we could hope. Sure, the Halo4 thing didn't work out. But it's been filling the holes of a sinking ship since the title dropped. For a while, it was working out alright. Water was rising slower and slower and land was in view, but a man only has so many fingers. Thanks ghost, for all you have done. You're a great guy and an even better gamer. Do your thing, and I'm sure I'll see you around when the next title drops.
  4. I had always wondered how AGL and UMG were running tournaments. I suppose I was just following that idea because I didn't want to admit Halo was a failure. Regardless, Halo has a severely tainted name at this point. It's held afloat by a namesake and a retired national champion. I won't say it can't return to its competitive state, because where there is a will there's a way. But I'm extremely skeptical at this point. I think what we need to hope for is COD to introduce something that breaks it's own formula as Halo did. Because honestly, I don't see Halo getting back on top on its own.
  5. Right I agree. But thinking forward, any talk of MLG picking Halo up again for tournaments doesn't make sense due to Virgin holding rights. I remember that being a huge reason as to why COD was picked up over Halo in the first place. With that said, unless VG and MLG merge, I don't see Halo being on the circuit again.
  6. So here's my question, what ever happened to Virgin Gaming? Somehow I remember them having a contract to all tournament play over the halo series with 343i.
  7. I don't know how I'm going to make it to spring of next year.
  8. I have mixed feelings. I think it's more rewarding playing without a time limit. Getting those 50 kills by your own pace and dictation feels so good, and the tension near the end is incredible. But I also really enjoy the sense of urgency and the rush in the last minute if a close times game.
  9. Yes. Yes it was. But in all seriousness, I've played some long games on both of those maps. 15-20 minutes without exaggeration.
  10. Damnation and battle creek man. Those maps were like the monopoly if Video Games, everyone's stoked to play for the first 15 minutes and then you give up and go to sleep.
  11. Was that the 6th..... No, 7th downfall of competitive Halo? I think I lost track.
  12. I've been off these forums for like 5 months and there's still arguments going on about bloom. Unbelievable.
  13. And simplex doesn't? I'll give you that Onyx is more complicated and tests teams from a technical standpoint, but I don't think it necessarily rewards cohesive teams any better than simplex.
  14. "Better" in relation to Onyx, yeah. But not by much.
  15. I don't save very much gameplay and haven't been involved in the Halo seen for the last couple months, so I don't have any evidence here. Sorry guys. I was giving an example of the arguments I saw against it, not necessarily any IRL games. Personally I never used that stray because like you said, it was ridiculous and only worked against teams that had no idea what was going on.
  16. If I wanted to play a sports game, I would play Madden. Ricochet is great for action sack. It's fun as he'll. but fun isn't necessarily what comes to mind when I'm playing BTH in the finals for money. I could never take ricochet that seriously.
  17. Right, because not a single person here played CE or H2. Please don't generalize. The issue between 1 plot and 2 plot, as I saw, was that 2 plot a team could get ahead and camp one plot for the rest of the game while the other team was at a destructive disadvantage in having to defend and offend at once. It didn't have that much to do with the fact that it wasn't KOTH, more so having equal opportunity to win.
  18. And that's the point that Neighbor made in a discussion earlier that swayed my opinion a bit. The fact that we have seen bigger changes and dealt before, and this kind of stuff has happened since Halo 2. I suppose we won't ever know if it is a viable gametype until it has been used in a tournament setting, so let it run it's course. But the backlash will be ******** if things don't go well, and I'm a little worried about that.
  19. Well of course. I'm not saying it's not a valuable position at all. But it isn't as powerful a position it should be in an arena map. I'm speaking in generalization of the maps we have in regards to past maps in saying that power positions aren't powerful by comparison.
  20. 2 physical ramps up, a basement, 2 open areas with cover, cover on top mid, and top gold is huge, with plenty of room to get team shot. That isn't a power position, it's a height advantage.
  21. Honestly, I think Simplex is better. Onyx is good in a lot of ways, but there's almost too many routes to power positions. If we think back to the better maps of the past titles you will see a trend of maps that have ACTUAL POWER POSITIONS, that require coordination and skill to take. Now, with most maps in Halo 4, we have "power positions" that can be taken by one person off spawn due to the amount of routes up, and the cover available.
  22. I've changed my stance on this after a few other conversations. I still don't agree with the inclusion of it, because I don't think it has been tested quite enough on a competitive scale.
  23. Right, we have to TEST the developer included settings and such. TEST. Not include them in final settings to be used at tournaments on a national scale for money. The process of weeding out gametypes should never make it that far. It messes with the integrity of the game and it's competitive merit.
  24. Really, the V5 gametypes look good. All things considered, except for ricochet. Ricochet, at its base, is FIFA 14. If I wanted to play a sports game I would play a sports game. If I wanted to go to Madden tournaments, I would do so. NHL isn't my thing, so I don't play it. I play FPS titles because that's what I enjoy, and I'll keep football to IRL enjoyment. I'm not saying it isn't a "Competitive Gametype", I'm just saying that it doesn't necessarily make sense as a competitive gametype in Halo. At all. It's silly and doesn't follow half the ideas that Halo is based on. There's plenty of teamwork involved and it can get pretty crazy at times. A team can come from behind in the blink of an eye. It's fun to play, but fun when I don't want to care. Same with lightning flag and grifball. Both are highly competitive from a entail standpoint but neither is something I would want to take seriously for more than 30 seconds. The issue, really, is that this isn't what anyone plays halo for. Not a single person heard of ricochet and said "I'm going to pick halo 4 up again". It's a silly dev created setting that should stay as such. When we play halo, it's to go into a room with another and see who's better. Or is that not what we are all here for? Ghost, I love ya. And I've been behind you since the start. The decisions that you make are wholly towards the advancement and longevity of Halo and I believe and trust that. But your idea that dev support through inclusion of their settings has been an issue since you tried to include load outs as a base setting. We dodged that as a community (thank god). You cannot continue to go through with decisions that 343i are "suggesting" without considering whether the ideas will actually fit the formula. But I digress. The settings look good besides ricochet. Wished to have seen Onyx CTF, but I'll survive. Keep your head, man.
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