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Hello all, nice to meet you. I'm Multichem.


I've been a gamer since I was 7 years old and got my first Nintendo 64. Mario 64 was the first game I had played on a console, and also happens to be the only game I have not completely beat at least one time (never found the last star.


My girlfriend calls Halo my "Other Girlfriend" because it takes up so much of my time. I've been playing it competitively for somewhere around 6 years, but wasn't really good until 4 years ago. My most competitive title was Halo 3, and I've always ran the Snipers/Doubles playlists.


When Reach came out, I stopped playing because I hated it and lost a lot of faith in the game franchise. However, I've given everything I can to Halo 4, because I refuse to watch this franchise drown in it's own problems. We are the heart of Halo, and we are the answer to it's problems.


Together, we can mold this game into the most competitive title yet. But, we must have faith.

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