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  1. You guys absolutely destroyed us, haha. GGs though. I couldn't break any of the setups you had on Dammy and Derelict. Honestly, it's nothing against you or any player in particular. Like you said, some people just want to play with their friends. That's absolutely fine and you should be able to do that. This is more or less an issue that the developer needs to address. Give me some additional options on the match composer to avoid those scenarios. I'll gladly wait 5 minutes to have a balanced match. I can only assume that even the social playlist has some MMR attached. Most days, when I play on my monitor in my office, I am a total tryhard and play to win. Other times, like last night, I just wanna chill on the couch with a beer and have some fun games on my laggy 4K TV. So those Halo sessions are much worse for me, if I'm going to get matched up against talented players.
  2. That's what I thought, too. One of the players confirmed they were playing with a full squad. I tuned into the Twitch stream and yep, team of four. I'm assuming those restrictions don't apply to social playlists, perhaps? Either way, terrible idea.
  3. It's 2019 and solos still match with to4s. I don't understand. I think I'm gonna do a campaign marathon to get my Halo fix instead. The current matchmaking system absolutely ruins any fun I could possibly have in Halo. In most cases, I think I'll just opt to play another game that actually has decent matchmaking. I'm sure it could be a population issue, but I'd rather wait 5 minutes than match with the same team 4 times in a row. On a more positive note, I LOVE modern aiming. I hope 343 implements more QOL updates like this moving forward.
  4. or a downvote You can change your notification settings by clicking on the bell icon in the corner!
  5. I feel that MCC is finally where it was supposed to be in 2014. I'm absolutely loving every moment of it. I'm finding matches quickly and reconnecting with old friends that I haven't talked to in a decade. I've put an absurd amount of hours into this game this week. Perhaps its because I'm not sure how long this will actually last. I've found a couple minor bugs, but nothing that takes away from my personal experience.
  6. How do you guys feel about non-euclidean geometry in future Halo titles? I feel that it could create some bizarre gameplay. Hell, it could breathe new life into some classic maps as well. Competitors would be able to see and shoot directly through to the other side, instead of just appearing in a different location instantly. Just imagine how Damnation would play with this concept. Portal camping wouldn't be a thing without a direct counter. New, interesting sightlines can create some fresh, mind bending map layouts. The only issue I can think of is looping projectiles, where a rocket or bullet could theoretically keep flying through two portals forever. Fortunately, that's a simple fix with good map design IMO. I photoshopped (terribly) an example from Warlock. The GIF below is a collection of videos from an indie game I saw on reddit a few years ago. Indie Shooter GIF
  7. Looking at the stats, Saiyan has been an absolute monster in the slayer matches against Fyra. Currently has 57 out of the 150 kills from EnVy and averaging over 3k damage per game. Obviously, he's getting great support from his squad, but it's incredible seeing consistent stats like that.
  8. Thanks for the heads up! Gonna keep an eye on this for.. reasons.
  9. The way you presented your argument is why they forget their passwords.
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