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  1. We Are Beyond Compare
  2. Hey guys. Is there a prize claiming process when we win a tourney?
  3. Check out my montage trailer! I'm not very good at editing as this is my first attempt. Thanks for any support! https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=2nffF2rgzoA
  4. Need 1 For this weekend. 35 pts running tonight around 8. Msg me gt - Beastish OG
  5. LF some late night scrims tonight around 1230 eastern time. Add/msg me at Beastish OG (gt)
  6. Looking for a 4th quickly for the upcoming Challenger League tournaments. We have event exp and placement dating back to halo 2/3. Would prefer players that were around the halo 2/3 competitive scene but not a must. Have a good attitude and be willing to improve as a team. Msg me if you're interested - gt: Beastish OG

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