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  1. Has 343 mentioned anything about adding more permanent games modes and play lists? Especially for BTB, which still has only 3 as far as I know, could be wrong. But the last time I played all I got was Slayer, Strongholds and CTF. I would love to play other Objective game modes, especially in BTB. I figure BTB Heavies will probably never be added and it's looking like all the maps will be Forged for BTB?
  2. Do people still play this game on XBOX 360/PC? I haven't played it in forever but it was decent from what I remember. Might have to go dig it up.
  3. I think people forget that there are other players all around the world that, when a game has a lower population count, they have a hard time finding matches. And when they do, the connection is usually terrible for them.
  4. There's is always someone calling for a weapon to be nerfed on Waypoint. Doesn't matter what the weapon is. It's become quite silly.
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